5 Tips for Using Dublin Bikes

Emily on her rented Dublin Bike.

Emily on her rented Dublin Bike. Photo by Sebastian Rasch – all rights reserved.


Emily Westbrooks tells us, “One of the best ways to get around Dublin City Centre is on a Dublin Bike. The rental bikes arrived in Dublin last year, and they’re a huge hit!”

Emily gives us five excellent tips for a smooth ride at www.fromchinavillage.com/2011/10/dublin-bikes/

Emily Westbrooks is a freelance writer from Maine who now lives in Dublin. She writes daily about her life and travels on her blog, From China Village.


Author: Emily

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  1. I’m glad Emily enjoyed her Dublin Bikes experience! When the scheme was launched a few years back we had quite a few skeptics who were convinced we would see a lot of metal in the Liffey. But the vandalism never came to pass, and Dubliners have really embraced the blue two-wheelers.

    The only complaint I would have is that management have had a difficult time maintaining an even distribution of bikes around the various bike stands. I lived in the north inner city for 6 months.

    The bike stands in and around O’Connell St were invariably empty between 8am and 10am as the early-risers had already crossed the river. I’ve also had the inverse problem of arriving at my destination and having nowhere to leave my bike!

    That minor quibble aside, I must say the bikes have been fantastic. And the more bikes on the road, the safer the roads become for cyclists.

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