Autumn Giveaway: Irish Hat and Scarf Set – The Colors of Ireland

Crochet Diva's Irish Hat & Scarf Set

Kick off the cool, crisp days of Autumn with an Irish Fireside giveaway! The winner will be able to snuggle into a warm, cozy hat and scarf set hand-crocheted by the Crochet Divas.  Done in the colors of Ireland – green, white and orange – the scarf has a whimsical shamrock fringe. The fringe can easily be snipped off if you prefer a plainer scarf.

How to Enter: Visit the Crochet Divas’ website and view their items under the Shop tab. Leave a comment here telling us about your favorite crocheted product on their website. Be creative! Give us a good description of the product. Then tell why you would like to win the hat and scarf set. NOTE: This giveaway is for those in the USA only. The scarf and hat set can only be mailed within the US.

Closing Date: The giveaway will close on November 1, 2011. The winner will be announced by November 3, 2011. Let the fun begin!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner… Sharlene Peerson.

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    • Not to worry about you daughter stealing it, I have a bunch to choose from. Not all of them are online yet!

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  1. oh no I just found the most adorable baby items!!!! My friend is having a baby girl in December…..I don’t think I can possibly choose one item!!!!

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  2. I love the granny square blanket under the custom gallery category on the crochet divas website. Granny squares rock in and of themselves but the crochet divas used very delicate yet rich colors that would look great in a little girls room. The periwinkle colors is one of my favorites and ties all the colors together nicely!

    And as for the hat and scarf, they are awesome. It would probably sound better if I were to tell you of my desire to give away to some deserving soul, but I want it all for myself. I would wear it and flaunt it and of course tell everyone to visit the Crochet Divas website.

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  3. Love the baby hat and bootie sets.
    My friend just had beautiful twin girls and I can picture them wearing them.

    I love the Irish hat and scarf because I am Irish and they would look perfect on my 9 year old daughter.
    Fingers crossed!

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  4. I love the crocheted afghan (or maybe it is a shawl?) in the colors of purple, lavender & green. It looks so cozy and warm for our Winters here in Rainier, Oregon. The stitch is one I haven’t seen before and I’d like to learn how to do it….You have done an excellent job on the scarf and hat, very clever idea. The “fringe” on the bottom is very unique and really finishes off the whole set. Who doesn’t need a hat! I don’t have one in this style and I just know it will appreciated by whomever does win it, but–of course–I want to be the one! 🙂

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  5. That hat & scarf is fantastic! It is the perfect way to show off my love for the Emerald Isle. I am a bit of a scarf fantatic, as I have quite the collection. But in the fall & winter months, I wear one almost every day!

    I believe my favorite item on the website has to be the shorter neck scarf (L-SC 006-15). My hubby just got a motorcycle and I am the “back-seat” rider! It has started to get cool and being on the back of a bike can make it even colder. This would be perfect to keep my neck warm…the spot that my helmet nor my coat can cover.

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    Last item: C-H 35-25

    I LOVE this baby set!! The colors are so great together 🙂 I do not have children yet, but I love seeing clothes/blankets/booties made by hand for the arrival of precious new babies. I think it’s an amazing way to look back and say, “Yes, I was thankful enough for my child that I (or someone) too the time to hand make something for the baby.” I’ve crocheted two blankets for my nieces, but I’m not skilled enough to do hats/jackets/booties.

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  7. Everything is so beautiful! I love the hat/scarfs…I love the afgan and throws and the baby stuff is so cute. This one caught my eye because of the color and the way it is crocheted. Its just beautiful. These ladies are incredible and I would love to learn how to do that.

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  8. I purchased two of the baby sets and they were so wonderful that the parents put them on as soon as they opened the gifts. The little girls headband with the flower was so cute they took a picture of her in her new outfit.

    I also gave a blue set to a friend for their little boy and the cap was perfect for keeping his head warm.

    The Crochet Divas put lots of Love into their items and it shows. I am going to do some holiday shopping soon.

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  9. Cute creations. My favorite is the purple dog sweater. That would look great on Goldie, our golden retriever. I’d like to win the hat and scarf so that I could give it to my 15-year-old daughter. She would definitely wear it with pride and style. It would help reinforce what I keep impressing on her and my 12-year-old son. That three of their great-grandparents were born in Ireland, named O’Connor, Gallagher and Doherty. The hat and scarf will spark more interest in their roots. We hope to all visit someday.

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  10. Beautiful work!!! Not a hat person myself but good luck to all of you that entered!!

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  11. Congratulations to our winner… Sharlene Peerson.

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  12. Sharleen,

    Congrats! Crochet Diva Lisa has sent your prize to you. Look for it shortly. Let us know how you like it.


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