Taking the New Aer Lingus Mobile App for a Test Drive

Aer Lingus finally caught up to other airlines in the app arena with the launch of their new iPhone and Android phone apps.

Mobile Booking

After testing the booking features of the iPhone app for a few dates and routes, I can say it works pretty well. If there are no dates for your query, the app deadends with a “no match found” message, but the back button lets you try again. I also had to be careful when I changed airports because the app seemed to switch to a default airport (I really didn’t plan on a trip to Aberdeen-ABZ or Amsterdam-AMS).

The biggest turnoff in booking via the app is that when it came time for the final booking, the app sent me over to the Aer Lingus website. Sadly the site is absolutely not mobile friendly. In order to complete the booking, I’d need to do a lot of zooming and scrolling. Therefore, it was doable, but quite annoying. The verdict… I’ll still be booking my tickets online.


The information tab is basic and helpful with only six options, so it won’t answer all questions. Hats off to Aer Lingus for making the baggage info clearer and easier to find than on their main website – it’s amazing how simplifying the text and adding “Shorthaul – within Europe” and “Longhaul – from USA” to the baggage info can eliminate a lot of confusion.

The contact information is listed, but it is NOT set up for one-click calling, texting, or emailing — that’s a pretty shameful omission for a mobile app, but at least I can write it down… if I have a pen handy.

My Booking

Since I don’t have any pending bookings with Aer Lingus, I wasn’t able to test the most notable features of the app under the “My Bookings” tab. These include information on specific bookings, mobile check-in, seat selection, and flight status (many of these features are only available on a limited number of routes between Dublin and the UK).

Mobile Website

The headline in the Aer Lingus press release claimed they have a new mobile site. Sorry, but www.AerLingus.com is NOT mobile friendly… at least not yet. When I visited the site via my mobile browser today, it had no mobile-friendly features. It even included that annoying popup window that appears on their desktop page. Grrrrrr.


The app is free and works smoothly. Without testing the My Bookings features, I can’t really give it a full review. That said, the Flight Status feature (under “Flights”) will come in handy for those of us collecting friends and family at the airport as it quickly tells when a flight will arrive.

Aer Lingus says “This is phase one of a number of phases to be introduced as mobile technology advances,” so we’ll see what features they add (but that description sounds pretty vague to me).

Download the Aer Lingus iPhone App >>

Download the Android Phone App >>

Read the Press Release “Aer Lingus Announces New App and Mobile Website”>>

Here are some screenshots from the app:

Author: Corey

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  1. Hi, just to let you know, I’ve used the My Bookings several times fit mobile check in and boarding card on the Dublin London route-tis very handy. Be sure to save a screen shot of your qr boarding pass code in case you’ve no wi fi or mobile data at the airport.

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  2. When booking on line and asked for email address etc why is it no possible to enter mobile number for mobile check in? It seems that this is only possible if I book on my mobile. Any comments please.


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    • That’s a question to pose directly to the folks at Aer Lingus.

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