Dromana Gate in County Waterford

I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything described as Hindu-Gothic before finding Dromana Gate. The arched opening covers a little road between Cappoquin and Villerstown in County Waterford. It was built as a temporary wedding present for a popular landlord around 1830, and he and his bride liked it so much, they had a permanent version constructed.

Abandoned Ireland has a nice write-up about the site. The gate is near Lismore and I often stop there on my way from the Waterford Coast to The Vee which is an enchanted lookout on the Waterford-Tipperary border… especially in rhododendron season (yes, I know the rhododendrons are an invasive species, but they’re so darned pretty).

Author: Corey

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  1. This is beautiful, Corey.. If it were coloured it would be a mini Taj Mahal.. LOL

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