Valentia Island

For some reason I’ve got Valentia Island on my mind. It’s located on the tip of the Ring of Kerry and is reachable on one side by ferry and the other by bridge.

This cottage shows the wear and tear of life on the edge of the sea, but on the day I was there it was warm and sunny… a wonderful day indeed.

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Author: Corey

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  1. Beautiful, really. Just like I pictured Irish cottages by the sea…(before the decay of them, I mean).
    Have you been to Isle of Man? Is it like this, too?

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    • Haven’t been the to Isle of Man. You should watch “Waking Ned Devine.” It was filmed there.

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  2. Gorgeous picture. By the look of it,that’s a Congested Districts Board house, like ours, which was built in 1911. Valentia’s the home of Valentia slate, a wonderful, hard black stone that polishes up beautifully. We found a large slab on our land when we bought our house, presumably intended for some project that never happened. Now we sit drinking tea on sunny mornings at our handsome slate table in the garden. Never got round to polishing it, but that’s never bothered us :)

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