The Spirit of Dublin’s Temple Bar

This short film nicely captures the corner of Dublin known as Temple Bar… celebrating it’s 20th anniversary as the city’s cultural Quarter.

Warning: there’s a swear word used in this video.

Author: Corey

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  1. Wait, people at shops say, “Hi can I help you?” Where can I find that store? Typical Irish customer service is to ignore you unless you walk up and specifically ask a question. Most Irish shop girls look bored out of their minds and adopt a whole-body expression that emotes the desire to be anywhere else besides work.

    The video was pretty good, but I would have put in:
    1. more scruffy gents smoking in doorways
    2. a couple of ancient Roma women begging in an alley
    3. a few fit-looking drunk blonde girls wearing skirts that are way too tight, and laughing too loudly at a pub

    The drunk-guy vomiting was pretty spot on though.

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  2. Umm…ok. Didn’t find that enjoyable at all. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t really spend much time in Temple Bar.

    Let’s have more videos like the one of Liam eating an oyster…LOL

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