The Irish Influence on History

irish Famine and Hunger Memorial New York City

An Irish cottage in New York City?!? Would you believe this photo was taken in Manhattan? The picturesque scene was transported from Ireland to create the Irish Hunger Memorial.

Today’s FriFotos theme on Twitter is HISTORY, and that got me thinking of the Irish diaspora and their impact on culture around the world. The Irish truly have changed the course of history in many lands… hopefully for the better 🙂 !

It might surprise you to find out the photo above was not taken in Ireland… instead, Corey snapped it last year while in New York City! The Irish Hunger Memorial is located in Battery Park City at the west end of Vesey Street.

The site looks as though a plot of land was plucked from the Irish countryside and transported to the Big Apple. There is a ruined cottage and stones collected from each county in Ireland.

(Our apologies to Armagh, Corey missed photographing your stone – if anyone visits there, send us a pic… it’s at the top of the hill):

Author: Liam

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  1. What an excellent shot!

    Whenever I have time to go down and try to get some photos it always seems to be overcast. (Which I suppose is fitting for an Irish memorial.)

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  2. BTW, when I tried to use an email address from my own domain, I kept getting a “Please enter a valid email address” WordPress error. Using a Gmail account worked.

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  3. While it’s not exactly world-history-changing, my existence is owed to the Irish Diaspora. Conlin/Conlan/Conlons and Malloys emigrated to Canada, married and produced my great-grandmother, and then emigrated to Nebraska.

    I would love to see the Famine Memorial, but photos and videos will have to do for a while.

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  4. Amazing. Looks like it’s nestled in the Irish countryside. Will definitely check it our next time I go to NYC.

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  5. I’ve paid a lot of attention to Ireland in the past couple of years as I’ve been doing the Irish part of my family tree. I’ve been really impressed by how strong a nation they are and the influence they’ve had, particularly in the US. Just little facts like American tap dancing being an evolved version of Irish dance. Looking forward to many more trips to Ireland!

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  6. We learned about the 1/4 acre, thanks to you, and every time we go to NYC, we stop to visit. It’s a shrine to the people who said good bye to family, friends, and homeland, for a better life, or in some cases, just survival…
    It’s a moving piece of ‘holy’ ground… Thanks for letting us know…

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