Labor of Love: Painting the Cottage

Painting the cottage blue in Ireland
This week’s FriFotos theme on Twitter is “blue,” and I can’t think of “blue” and “Ireland” without having flashbacks to the electric blue color that covered every bit of trim in my cottage when I bought it.

You have no idea just how bright that color was. Even now a fleck of paint will chip off a door frame and the blue will show through, and it’s as bright as ever.

This photo comes from waaaaaay back in the family photo album when my sister, niece, and Corey all came over for their first trips… little did they know, I’d be putting them to work. My mom also came along… that’s her “assisting” me in the photo.

It’s hard to believe “little Jessie” is now all grown up and painting the walls of her own house now… she says I still owe her for the hours she put in when she was twelve.

Pot Painter

My niece Jessie helping paint in the cottage... back in the 1990s.

Sitting Room

The sitting room has come a long way over the years.



Author: Liam

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  1. I’d much rather have had electric blue than the putrid purple that adorned my kitchen walls when we lived in England. hahaha! I can just imagine though the terrible toil involved in trying to cover up that blue. I’ve always heard that blue is supposed to be relaxing. Electric blue – not so much! 🙂

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