At This Moment in Waterville Ireland

jim sanford on the links course in Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland

In our e-newsletter yesterday, we invited everyone to send us their stories and photos about their Irish-American stories, travel to Ireland, and other topics of Irish interest. Jim Sanford sent this tidbit directly from Ireland… gotta love the wifi in Waterville for giving us the chance to share this moment almost in real-time.

My wife Betty and I are sitting here in the clubhouse at the famous Waterville Links golf course on the tip of the Ring of Kerry.  The scenery is beautiful with the lovely green of the golf course in the foreground, and the mountains framing the bay and Atlantic waves crashing in on a wide sandy beach.

I just finished my round and am enjoying a pint of Guinness while gazing out on the 9th green at the bronze sculpture of Payne Stewart, a favorite of the locals. That’s him in the photo with his playing partner (me).

We are having a great time as always.  Tomorrow we are off to the Beara Peninsula and a week with Maureen O’Hara at her Classic Film Festival in Glengarriff.

Keep up the great work.  Slainte,  Jim Sanford – Phoenix, Arizona, and now Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland.

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    • I remember being in a pub in Doolin, sipping my Guinness by the fireside. This blonde girl wearing a San Diego State sweatshirt goes up to the bartender and asks in a valley-girl accent, “Um, do you like have Strawberry daiquiris?” Everyone in the pub burst into laughter and the girl was quite embarrassed.

      Bless his soul: The bartender was the only person who didn’t laugh at the girl. He said, “Oh now that we don’t. We do sell Harp. Lots of ladies like that…” I think the girl eventually got a Harp and went back to her table of girlfriends with a blush and a smile.

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