Ten Reasons to Visit Ireland. How Many More Do You Need?

Here are 10 reasons you should visit Ireland in 2011. I could give you 100 more, but I think these are enough to get you started. Enjoy… and start planning!

Author: Corey

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  1. I was amused that when the Tourism Ireland video said “Highest sea cliffs in Europe” it showed the Cliffs of Moher. Obviously not the highest! And there is debate between Mayo and Donegal about which actually are the highest. 😉

    But go! You won’t be disappointed.


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  2. Whoa, hold on there. “The world’s BIGGEST surfing waves?” I know Ireland has surfing, but I’m sorry, I don’t think Ireland has anything regularly huge like Mavericks does in Half Moon Bay, California. People *die* there. Sure, Ireland gets 50 foot waves 2km off shore during a hurricane, perhaps. There was a recent article that said Irish surfers were waiting 5 years for those conditions to exist. Just because y’all get a 50 foot wave twice a decade doesn’t mean you can advertise “biggest waves in the world.” haha Nice try Tourist Board.

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