Sunday Morning Reading

irish horseI won’t have time to send an email blast with my favorite posts of the week, but there were a few headlines I wanted to make sure our readers spotted…

  1. Finding Modern Irish Food in Dublin
  2. Sarah Jessica Parker Helps Donegal Charity
  3. Go Wild on an Isle of Your Own
  4. Family Ties in Ireland
  5. Fish ‘n’ Chips and Irish Gifts
  6. Ireland’s Top Tourist Destination has Nothing to Do With Beer
  7. Yeats Sketches Saved from the Dumpster
  8. Arthur Frommer Says, “Go to Ireland This Summer”
  9. Ireland Voted Destination with Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating
  10. Horse Racing on the Beach

And there’s also a couple gems posted on our own Ireland travel blog this week.

Author: Corey

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  1. Thanks for including my post, Corey. Have a good week!


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