Liam at the Red Half-Door in Ireland

Liam discovers the red door when traveling ireland

Today’s theme for FriFotos on Twitter is “Red,” and the first thing that came to my mind was the red half-door that greets guests at Liam’s cottage in Ireland. When he told his Irish cousins he wanted a half-door, they thought he was a bit odd, “Why would you want that?” They saw no need for something so old fashioned.

Finding a half-door at that time was even more challenging. He went from place to place describing the kind of door he was dreaming about. One person after another gave him puzzled looks. In the end, he had one custom made (today they are more available you can even order them in PVC).

Today, it’s a tradition for guests to get their photo taken at the half-door. Even his cousins who thought he fell off his rocker when he first asked about the door requested to have their photo taken with it.

In the photo above you’ll see the Bett’s, Beth & Judy Burrows, me, Liza Brennan & John McGivern, Ganey Ran, the Sanford’s and Liam. My apologies to everyone else in the guestbook… these are the only pics I have digitally.

Come to think of it, the kind of matches the old beast of a car he used to drive over there. The car is gone now, but my memories of it are not. On my first visit, I remember  pulling the door closed and a shower of rust flakes poured onto my head… I think I’m still picking out red flakes from my scalp 😉

Liam's Irish Car

Liam's first and only car in Ireland... it was a beast.


Author: Corey

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  1. Hey guys,
    I remember that car!! Wow its probably 20 years ago since you had it. Did you give it to my father? I must ask him about it!!

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    • I’m looking for a modern PVC half Door. Any idea where I might get one in Ireland. I’ve been trawling the internet but no luck. Thanks P.

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