Magical Irish Roads: Bunny Lane

Serendipity and enchantment are never far from the surface in Ireland. You will find it when you least expect it. Perhaps it is just around the corner, up a little hill or down a crooked path. You may find it under an arched stone bridge, on the seashore or hidden by a lake in the mountains. If you are bold enough to stray off the beaten path and let yourself be “fairy-led” you too might find your own Bunny Lane.

Where is Bunny Lane? Although I’ve been there, I really can’t tell you. It’s a place that keeps itself secret. I have some clues and landmarks. A castle. A bridge. A lonesome country pub. It is near Cork and Blarney but far, far away. I will look for it again but may never find it.

It is a quixotic place where time stands still as you traverse the country borreen alone. Tunnels of trees – with their fresh green leaves backlit like stained glass – create cathedrals in the air. Little brown rabbits peep shyly with their dark, shining eyes from sweetly-scented hedgerows that are heavy with a blizzard of blackthorn blossoms. They hop and dart through the nodding bluebells, ferns and flowering wild garlic. Stone walls line the potholed track and grass grows in the center. A light breeze ruffles the leaves, swirling the heady green scent of eternal spring. Twittering birds swoop through the branches. Sunshine and showers waft across rainbow-strewn skies.

Spellbinding Bunny Lane beckons every traveler in Ireland. It lies dreaming in memories past and on the threshold of tomorrow. Are you brave enough to leave the modern world behind and follow the path less taken? Will you find Bunny Lane or will Bunny Lane find you?

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Author: Michele Erdvig

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    • You are a wonderful story teller Michelle. I listened to a podcast and your voice is so peaceful and calm. You sound just like your mom. I felt like a child again and someone was reading me a story.

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  1. Everything is so gorgeously green with mysteries of the past echoing in the fields. Breathtaking to behold.

    So amazing to see.

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  2. I found all that to be true also! Took a little side trip around Ballyvaughn and felt transposed! Methinsk the faieries helped me there!

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  3. Great photos. I recommend a walk around Lough Eske near Donegal Town, County Donegal. There are some excellent places to explore that are well off the beaten track! Enjoy..

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  4. That’s such a lovely picture, we call them ‘green roads’ but ‘bunny lane’ is even better!

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  5. Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed “Bunny Lane”. I certainly was enchanted during my ride. I think, perhaps, places like that are best seen only once. Like my sister used to say “Take a picture in your mind and remember it.” Sometimes the memory pictures are the best ones.

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    • Memory pictures are the best!! When I was a teenager I was walking home from school with my boyfriend hand in hand and we would come to a part of the walk where the trees from both sides of the streets crossed over and touch each other. In Autumn the colors so vivid reds, oranges, and yellows, like an archway and in the winter if there were a sleet storm the afternoon sun would shine on the ice clinging to the trees and it would make tiny rainbows on the ice on the trees, so magical. I would say God always help me to remember these days and the beauty of these precious memories.

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  6. Great photos!Love everything about this, particularly your ‘blizzard of blackthorn blossoms’. Thanks, Michele. Reminds me of a magic morning when I looked out my window in Corca Dhuibhne (Ireland’s Dingle peninsula)and saw a hare slowly circling the house in the silver-misty dawn. He looked straight into my eyes, absolutely unafraid. I’ll never forget him.

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  7. My thanks to everyone for their lovely comments. Felicity, I’ve always wanted to be an artist but I can’t paint or draw worth a lick. Instead I take photographs and try to “paint with words”. I’ve tried to tell how magical Bunny Lane was. I think, perhaps, I have succeeded. I just wish you all could have been along on the ride.


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