Traveling Ireland by Bus… with a Bit of Humor

Alan BennettIt’s only June and Alan Bennett is already writing his “What I Did This Summer” report!

The writer and comedian is taking buses to events big and small all over Ireland and sharing the experiences via blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Bits of Travel Advice

His posts to date have been a combination of trip reports, restaurant reviews, and experience overviews. And in each case delivered with keen — often comical– observations.

Thanks to his advice, you’ll learn why you should NOT do your hair in Galway, where you can sip from a giant’s teacup, and which town cancels its bus tour due to inclement weather — but NOT its walking tour (a place where pedestrians must be heartier than ships on wheels).

Each post also features some highlights from Ireland’s long list of activities, as well as places to grab a bite.

What It’s Really Like to Tour Ireland

I will say, his accounts offer a nice peek at what it’s like to tour around Ireland. He handles the unpredictable weather like a trooper… always managing to find a suitable alternative that keeps him dry. To his credit he’s also mixing it up when it comes to the types of places he visits… museums, family activities, concerts, tours, sport.

For example, he even tried a concert in Galway where he was the youngest in the room… by a few decades:

“…they were a band of two women and three men. Immediately I knew it was going to be hymns and I wouldn’t be into it at all. Suddenly one of the singers opened her gob and out poured this elegant stream of magnificent reverberation. I couldn’t believe it was coming out of her face, it sounded like it was the most talented whale with the biggest lungs heavily produced by Kanye West and Timbaland.”

Photos from the sandcastle challenge at Salthill.

Social Travel

While his blog posts recount his travels, his Twitter and Facebook streams offer frequent updates — today he’s convinced visitors at the beach in Salthill Promenade to compete in making sand castles — and he often relies on his “friends” to choose his next activity.

Visit to find links to his posts and links to Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I did this twice, a bit rough since your schedule and destinations are dictated by buses, but it was great to be able to look a round and observe the country side rather than watching traffic, which was sometimes intense. Met interesting people I’d never have talked to had I been driving a car. Probably missed a lot I could have seen had I had the freedom of choosing my destinations by driving a car.

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