Headlines for Curious Celts – After the Fanfare

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway by Andreas Adelmann - click photo for details about the famed site.

Ireland made it through two enormous visits from the Heads of State of their two biggest tourist markets, and they’re feeling pretty good about it… and inquiries into destinations that made it on the itineraries of Barrack Obama and Queen Elizabeth are waaaay up. Which is good news for Irish tourism.

Here are some headlines, the Queen and the Prez should be reading with their morning tea or coffee as follow ups to their visits to the Emerald Isle:

  1. Gabriel Byrne Interview (video) – He’s Ireland’s Cultural Ambassador, and it’s nice to hear his take on art in Ireland and what the Obama visit means to the Irish people, but the real treat is his impression of Irish EuroVision pop stars Jedward.
  2. My First Irish Wedding – Weddings are a big to-do in Ireland, and Clare recounts all the details of her first wedding “marathon.”
  3. Waterford Castle (video) – Amy Hayes has been blogging highlights from her trip to Ireland. In this installment, she takes us on a tour of enchanted Waterford Castle. Honestly, this video will make you feel as though you’re staying there.
  4. Hammerstep – This group of guys brings Irish dance into new era with a performance at Lincoln Center. It’s great to see a new generation of young men taking a role in promoting Irish dance.
  5. British Queen, Obama Put Irish Tourism Back on the Map – The VIP visits from the US and England are already doing great things for Irish tourism.
  6. Little Village, Big Tales – Cindy Thomson gives us a look at the fascinating sites and stories of a lesser-visited corner of Northern Ireland.
  7. Does Guinness Really Taste Better in Ireland? – Okay, there really is research that measures and calculates a Guinness Overall Enjoyment Score (GOES)… this is science I could really get into. The findings reveal that the Irish really are saving the best stuff for themselves.
  8. Where Can I Hear Irish Spoken? – Irish speaker Eoin gives us the scoop on places we can hear Irish being spoken… and we’re not talking about some kind of stage Irish leprechaun-talk.
  9. Aer Lingus Celebrates 75 Years – Here’s a trip down memory lane for many of us who have flown the Irish airline over the years
  10. Bono Interview – In this chat, the Irish rock star comments on American Idol and Obama’s visit (he loved that Michele didn’t shy away from Guinness).
  11. The Titanic in Belfast: Launching the Ship of Dreams – Northern Ireland’s capital is embracing its Titanic history by opening a new landmark building and launching several visitor experiences.
  12. How to Drink a Guinness – The black stuff will taste even better if you follow these instructions.
  13. DeLorean 30th Anniversary Festival – This weekend celebrates the birthday of the Irish sports car best-known for Back to the Future.
  14. Ireland’s Blue Flag Beaches – It’s time to start thinking of summer at the seaside. Here are Ireland’s best beaches.
  15. Microbreweries In the land of Guinness – Ireland’s microbreweries offer some variation in the craft of brewing.
  16. Remembering the Reagan Visit to Ireland – Obama is the 22nd US President to visit Ireland. Here’s a look at Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s stop in 1984.
  17. Video of Obama’s Speech in Dublin to the Irish People – The President gives the Irish a giant dose of “Is Feidir Linn” (Irish for “Yes We Can”). Watching this, you are reminded that regardless of your political views, Obama is a great orator.

Author: Corey

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