#117 May the Road Rise Up to Meet You – In Honor of Pat Preston – AUDIO

Episode Guide – #117 May the Road Rise Up to Meet You – In Honor of Pat Preston – AUDIO 

Patricia PrestonWe say good by to our friend Pat Preston, the Ireland Expert (click the play button above to listen). In this episode, we pay tribute to Pat and all her efforts to support travel to Ireland with Liam singing “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.

We’ll miss you Pat!

Read Our Farewell to Pat >>

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Our Farewell to Pat >>

Author: Corey

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  1. OMGoodness…so sad. And Pat will be definitely missed. Liam, What a beautiful song/voice.

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  2. Thank you for a lovely tribute to a lovely lady and her gentle man!

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  3. Corey: Thanks — she will indeed be missed. Never too busy to help others as they planned a journey to the country he adored. A nice tribute from you and a wonderful song from Liam.

    Curtis Nolen

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  4. This is incredibly beautiful. When I retire from the USPS, I want to get a dual citizenship because my grandfather Tom Burke of County Mayo and my grandfather Gus Armstrong of County Roscommon were born in Ireland. My wife Leah and I went to Dublin for our honeymoon in 1996 and had a great time and stayed in the city centre. When I retire with the USPS, I want to get a dual citizenship and live there for a few years and help put a few smart high school graduates from poor families through technical school so that they can earn a decent living. Luckily I got to go in the US Navy submarine service and a few years of college so I’ve been able to struggle and survive. Leah and I don’t have any kids so I hope I can help a few deserving souls up the ladder of life a little, and go check out Cousin Willie Joe Armstrong’s hometown at the same time :))))

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  5. Corey & Liam, thank you for the beautiful tribute to Pat. I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Pat’s passing, but as you say, she is now back with her beloved John. I ‘met’ Pat & John over 10 years ago when I discovered her website and her joy of Ireland and she helped me and my sister organize our first trip. She took joy in helping us then joy in our reporting back on our lovely time. She will be missed! Blessings be, Pat & John!

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  6. liam & corey – what an amazing song and beautiful words to honor such a friend. i haven’t known, and am incredibly sad. she was such a resource for travelers to ireland – she is missed.

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  7. Corey & Liam,

    Beautiful tribute for Pat. Did not know of her, but Liam, was great to hear you sing. Makes me remember our trip to Ireland, Dee, Coral & I, & the times you sang to us when we were traveling around to the different spots you took us to. Would be great to go back to Ireland again. Maybe someday!!

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  8. I will miss Pat. As you all know, she was so nice to send us wonderful answers to our questions with a little personal note included. I wish I had written to her more. I didn’t know her husband had passed also.
    Liam, such a beautiful voice and song. Thank you
    We will miss you Pat….

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  9. I have never heard the Irish Blessing sung before, but how beautiful it was. I didn’t know Pat, but I’m sure she was cherished by all who did know her. God bless all.

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  10. Corey & Liam, what a beautiful song in honor of Pat. I toured with both Pat & John in the summer of 2008. What a great couple they were. Sadly, I knew John had passed away but then seeing that Pat also passed saddened me as she was so full of life & quite energetic. I had been thinking about possibly doing another tour in a year or 2 with The Ireland Expert. Unfortunately, I will not have that opportunity. Pat will be missed greatly by her family, many friends and past tour members. May she & John rest in eternal peace together.

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