Sunday Roundup of Headlines for Curious Celts

Liam on Leenan Strand in County Donegal

We’re halfway through the month of May and spring has embraced every bit of Ireland… lambs and calves, blossoms and buds, even sunshine and showers.

Here are some articles that will do their part to transport you to Ireland as you sip your morning tea or coffee.

  1. Finding the Wilds of Ireland – Ireland’s natural wonders help make the Emerald Isle one of the most memorable places on earth. Irish Jaunt lets us know some of the best ways to explore.
  2. Catching Donegal’s Pub Crawl – discover why author Jim McLaughlin uses these words to describe Donegal: “Like the Highlands of Scotland, the valleys of Wales, the American West, and the south of Italy, it is as much a geographical metaphor as a ‘real place’.”
  3. Traveling on Poetic License – You too may be inspired to burst into verse as you explore Northern Ireland.
  4. Ireland Cuts Taxes for Tourism 9% – Finally some good news for visitors on the financial front. The Irish government is cutting taxes for many tourism-related businesses.
  5. What a Find! – We love this story about a tourist who found a first edition of Wurthing Heights for €3 at the Milk Market in Limerick.
  6. I Scream for Irish Cream! Irish Cream Liqueur Recipe – Enjoy every drop of creamy goodness in this post about making your own Irish cream.
  7. Walking Tours & Vacations in Ireland – I think the first line of this article says it all… “Let Ireland infuse your soul through the soles of your sneakers and hiking boots.”
  8. The Notion of a Simultaneously Savage and Beautiful Domain in “Writing the Irish West” – One of Ireland’s most beautiful regions inspires writers and gives you a little something special to add to your reading list.
  9. A Royal Mix-Up as Wrong Tapes Used in Radio Adverts Demote Her Majesty to Princess – Someone in Ireland was crowned the Earl of Oops when they distributed radio advertisements that gave the Queen of England the wrong title… fortunately, Her Majesty didn’t take offense.
  10. Belfast Reborn – Tim Richards shares his recent trip to Belfast… which includes a bit of a photo tour.
  11. Irish Pubs & Etiquette – We cover everything from buying rounds to what “ladies” should drink while taking in Ireland’s pubs.
  12. Mixed Reactions Await Visit from Queen Elizabeth – The Boston Globe takes a look at just what the Queen’s visit to Ireland means for politics, pride… and the price tag when such a figure drops by.
  13. Man Digging Peat – Every once in a while, we post something that gets a good reaction, this photo from Elizabeth Holder fits that description.
  14. A Time-Lapsed View of Dublin – There’s something so atmospheric about time-lapsed video… this one has Dublin covered.
  15. Falling for the Irish History Podcast – If you’re looking for an interesting dose of Irish history, Fin Dwyer offers a full lineup of bits in both the audio podcast and blog post sections.

Author: Corey

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