Falling for the Irish History Podcast

Irish History PodcastI’ve completely fallen for the Irish History Podcast. Fin Dwyer takes listeners on a trip through Ireland’s past… and thankfully, gives enough facts to keep it smart and enough excitement to keep it interesting.

Tuning in has made me realize just how basic my knowledge of Irish history really is. For example, I waaaay over simplified the Viking’s historic involvement in Ireland – there was a lot more going on than they came, they conquered… then they became Irish. And all those Irish kings… they spent as much time duking it out among themselves as they did battling outside forces. Then there’s all that St Patrick business.

This podcast belongs on your “must-listen-to” list, and the website is well worth a visit. At the moment, you can watch some great archival footage from Ireland in the 5 Great Film Clips from Irish History along with many other fantastic articles.

Now go, get yourself a bit of Irish history!

Author: Corey

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  1. Being a podcast junkie, I’ve listened to this already. However, I think I might have to subscribe again! Thanks for posting.

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