If Ireland Were My Home…

A lot of our readers dream of what it would be like to make Ireland their home. The website www.IfItWereMyHome.com offers a snapshot of how your life might be different if you called another country home.

For example, if an American called Ireland home… the numbers indicate they would:

  • use 52.66% less electricity
  • consume 29.63% less oil
  • have 29.03% more chance of being unemployed
  • spend 53.77% less money on health care
  • have 15.3% more free time
  • make 9.05% less money
  • have 1.95% more babies
  • live 0.17 years longer

The site offers a few more facts and figures. Plus, it lets you mix and match data on over 200 countries… very interesting stuff.

Author: Corey

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  1. One additional bullet-point:
    – laugh and smile 90% more of the time 🙂

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  2. I agree – laugh and smile a whole lot more!!! and maybe a few more pints

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