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Author: Corey

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  1. wow, looks like technology n sports are out this time. the history of the island has always interested me. the castles n the ruins, wow.

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  2. Never been to Ireland so I would love to read more posts about it’s culture and beauty.

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  3. I’d like to know what the status is of the “official” certificates of Irishness that were supposed to be available this year. Thanks.

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    • We’ll definitely be on that story.

      Last I heard, they were reviewing companies that would implement the program, but that was completely based on rumor… haven’t gotten any official word on it.

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  4. YAY.. Go History Travel tip & deals…You might throw in a Musicians catagory. New ones, old ones, up & coming..

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    • You’re right. Music would have been a good addition to the list. Fortunately, we’ve got it on our editorial calendar anyway, so it won’t get missed.

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  5. Would very much like to see a article on a castle ruin that explores its history and more importantly how it was constructed such as construction methods, where raw materials were obtained and any info on the designer of the castle.

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    • That would definitely require an expert… we’ll see if we can find someone.

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  6. A Review of Ireland Travel Guides and Forums.

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  7. Tavel tips and deals are great! What about a guide, plan, or help planning your first trip to Ireland? I’ve never been to Ireland but I’m looking at going in 2013. There is so much info out there; some good, some bad, I’m not quite sure where to start?

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  8. Why don’t you do the Great Potato Family from the Irish perspective? And what was it like coming to the US thru Castle Gardens, NYC, NY

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