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Posted by on Apr 10, 2011 in Featured, Polls | 44 comments

How Long Before Your Trip to Ireland?

Athassel Priory, County Tipperary

Athassel Priory, County Tipperary

We’ve got a question for all our non-Irish readers…

Take the poll bellow and feel free to leave a comment as well:

How long before you visit Ireland?

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  1. We are going BACK in 2013 as a graduation gift for my son. we were thre in ’06 and enjoyed every minute.
    If someone wants to send us air, hotel and car fare we will be glad to come sooner. LOL

    • Going back to an art retreat to draw and paint. Still trying to find out if my supplies and portable folding easel are legal to carry on or if I have to pack them.

    • I’ll be on Irish sod in 5 days!! I’m so excited, can’t wait for the trip of my lifetime. Touring Co. Clare where my McMahon ancestors originated. Going home to a place I’ve never been, I’m yearning for that green, green island.

    • I will be leaving for Ireland in less than 91 days now! I will be spending 3 1/2 weeks touring all over Ireland beginning and ending in Dublin! Going to attend my first Glasgowbury Festival and possibly gonna make a sidetrip to Glasgow Scotland as well!!! Can’t wait!!!

    • Usually flying overseas with art supplies you have to check them, depending upon what you’re taking. You can check paints, but no solvents. Have fun! Check out the plein air festival in Wexford, Ireland in July, “Art in The Open”.

  2. 34 days… But who is counting?!

  3. Mmmm. One of these years….

  4. Returned from a 6 day jaunt only five days ago. :(

    Already bought tix for two weeks in June (61 days).

    Making preliminary plans for April of 2012 and the jury’s still out on an October, 2012 EXTENDED visit …

    Don’t hate me ’cause I’m old …

  5. Plans are underway for a visit to family in September – Co. Carlow and Co. Kildare.

  6. 64 days. I’m older than IC but apparently not quite as wealthy! But plan to go every two years until all the grands have had their trip. After that, who knows? As often as possible, certainly.

    • IC isn’t wealthy, either …

      He just has re-arrainged his priorities to make sure that travel to Ireland is near the tippy top on a VERY short list …. :)

    • Wealthy is so subjective! And we have our priorities, don’t we? And right at the top of that list is “Get to Ireland as often as possible.”

  7. On our way April 29th – this year!!!!!

  8. We leave for our first visit in 57 days and 2 hours…but it’s not like we’re counting down or anything :-)
    Can’t wait!!

  9. 41 days…

    and hoping to go again in August/September 2011

    woo hoo!

  10. “How long till your trip to Ireland?” Way too LONG!

  11. I was there for the 1st time last summer and hoping to get back in the spring or fall of 2012.

    Your picture reminds me of the Kell’s Priory, County Kilkenny. It was amazing to walk around the ruins. No admission fee either.

  12. If I don’t get back within the next year I may lose my mind (it’s already been too long)! Hoping for September.

  13. We’re making our first trip in 3 months and cannot wait. Have listened to all your podcast. Love them.

  14. I just read “Jonathan’s Cross” by M.L. Gardner (a Celtic cross) and I can’t wait to see Ireland! Esp Enniskerry and Dublin.

  15. Heading back in 2012. Taking the kids to experience Europe for 12 weeks in the summer and Ireland is on the list.

  16. Have been there 7 times since 2000, and planning to be there again this autumn/winter, and every time is like the very first time…heart dancing a jig, concentration out the window, and a smile a mile wide for days before I leave!

  17. My soon to be wife and I will be there for our honeymoon in 7 days!!

  18. In a month! 30 days from today, as a matter of fact… can’t wait!

  19. Unfortunately for us, we have to wait a few years while we pay off debt. But, when we do go, we plan on staying for a month or more in a self-catering accommodation :-)

  20. This Fall for 5-6 weeks! Can’t wait to get back as it will have been almost 4 years since our last trip :-)

  21. I’m just waiting for the invitations to the next round of family weddings! Weddings have become my new favorite type of Irish family reunion.

  22. Going in june for my daughters graduation gift with all 4 children. Irish american , can’t wait, maybe we’ll stay, haha

  23. Anyone gonna be in Ireland June 14-24 and would like to meet my husband and i in a pub for a pint? ;)

    Counting down the days!!!

  24. We made the trip in 2008!
    Once we finish paying off some pesky debt, we’ll be off again. Probably in 3-4 years. We’re planning on visiting England and Scotland as well. We’ll most likely spend 6 weeks or so on the Isles. =D

  25. LOL.. Just got back. April 11th. I am already planning for next year. Thinking of doing the 4 day Southwest Deluxe tour with Paddywagons Tour Company. Dublin to Galway, to Killarney to Dingle & back to Dublin . All the places I wanna see…

    This year I landed in Belfast & spent 2 days there then moved on to Derry & spent 2 days there. Seeing everything possible in both cities..
    Ireland is FREAKIN Awesome.. I absolutely adore the Emerald Isle. Can’t wait to get back next year..

  26. Come September, we’ll be there for two weeks. We’re spending part of the time in the Arans, then chugging along doing as we please for the rest. Can’t wait–it’s been four whole years! Agony to wait so long.

  27. I am going to Ireland July/August 2011. I am going first to paint with fellow artists I have met on the Plein Eire site. They are holding “Art in The Open”, a plein air (painting outdoors) painting festival in Wexford, Ireland. I can’t wait! I am then taking a week to go to the west and soak up Connemara and the Aran Islands.

  28. We usually go to Ireland in the Spring every 2 years but will go in September 2011 for a change. Were there in May 2010.

  29. 10 days for 2 weeks! Trying to figure out a way to stay for an extended time, like a minimum of 6 months.

  30. Well, this website hasn’t been used lately :) Wanted to travel for years to Ireland, but now I made the decision to go to next summer! That would be 2015.

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