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Cow on mantle at Strokestown House Park

I was feeling a little homesick for Ireland. Thank goodness our friends on Facebook and Twitter swooped in to share some of their favorite things about the Emerald Isle. Feel free to add your picks in the comments.

The stars on a moonless night. Lambs baaing on the hills. The smell of furze. The ever-present ocean. Little forgotten roads the motorways bypassed. Layers and layers of history. Cliffs, beaches, mountains, stone walls, lush landscapes, bleak landscapes, soft rain, spring cuckoos, bluebell forests, a peat fire, castle ruins, abbey ruins, cozy B&Bs, sticky toffee pudding, Irish breakfast,
Michele Erdvig

How complete strangers chat to you in queues, on buses etc and it’s not remotely creepy! Living here, I take it for granted but it’s only when returning home after travelling that you realise it doesn’t happen everywhere. Ih fact, if you did it in some countries, they’d cart you away..
Heidi McAlpin

Tiny, winding roads through gentle, rolling hills, and then suddenly…. SHEEP!!!!
Christy Jackson Nicholas

Absolutely everything.
Emily Smith

Scones topped with jam and cream…
Dana Saretsky

The spuds!
Sadie Clifford

The unmistakable scent of turf smoke…
Theadora Davitt-Cornyn

I love the bartender who kept his pub open til 6 am when I was in Dublin last week and poured me all the Midleton Rare I could drink since it was my birthday. I’d have to say that the people are what I love most about Ireland.
Jolene Hanson

The peace I feel when I close my eyes and have the feeling like I’m exactly where I’ve always belonged. That and the giant rhododendron bushes in the Muckross House gardens. And hearing Molly Malone just about every night in one pub or another. Never got old. πŸ™‚
Karen Harrington Coles

How when you walk into a small town market, the cashiers/owners greet you and ask how your day is going.
Karen Atherton

Standing at Dun Aegus on Inis Mor looking west over the Atlantic, thinking of Vikings and thousands of years of history & survival…
Jean Goggins

The roads, the villages, and the people. Never have I met people more caring for a stranger than when I was in Ireland.
Wanda VanderVeen

The brown bread. I can’t recreate it no matter how hard I try.
Jody L Halsted

How after a Guiness at the village pub the barman says, “you’ll be joining us tonight for the sing song” and wont’ take no for an answer.
Karen Atherton

The small town Irish Parade in Kilkenny!! And How everyone is so Friendly!!!
Missy Smith

The people!!
Karen Helgesen Gurnavage

The people; everyone is warm, kind, friendly; pubs are home type and wonderful to join in. I loved especially, Galway and that whole area.
Nina Charters Scripps

The fact that you’re never alone in a pub for long.
Dana Saretsky

Been once But it won’t be the last Your NOT a stranger for more than a moment, your welcome and treated like an old friend.
Patrick Walsh

Most hospitable people, and I’m a southerner in the U.S. so I know a bit about that. Sure loved my daily bowl of seafood chowder! Ahh, traveled the west of Ireland and everywhere you look it’s beautiful. Cliffs of Moher are hauntingly beautiful, The Burren, Galway Bay at night time…I had just told my husband this evening that I’m ready to go back.
Phyllis Richardson Sherman

How intense the “Green” really is!
Micheal A. Hodge

I need one too! Even the birds seem happier there!! πŸ™‚
Sandra Gray

The lager.
Linda Kenny

Walking among the people and hearing everyone talk.
Mary Kay Cutrera

The people πŸ™‚
Stephanie Mahone

The ruins in the farmer’s fields…amazing to see!
Eileen Steuernagel

Fall in Clare
Scott Atherton

Piper Ferry from Greencastle to Magilligan’s Point, coastal route
Kimberly Coyle

The women, music, scenery, history, and Guinness!
Alex Smith

Mist hovering at the top of Knocknarea! Stone cirlces in cow pastures! : )
Kim Swaisgood

The Hedges have Daffodils and Gorse, the sun is shining the wind is whistling over the slieve and we are about to go on the 30 mile round trip for the weeks shopping.
Tony Calland

Driving the Conor Pass!
Rebecca Furnish

The people, the accent, the green fields, the fresh air, the music, the craic, the history, the wiskey? The beer, the poetry that is Ireland…i just love it all!!!
Marie Tetley

The forgotten places off the beaten track where time stands still.
Colm Moloney

I’m fascinated by the sometimes seamless blend of religious and folklore traditions.
Jiffy (@firecracker)

Climbing Croagh Patrick, pub scene, Avoca, Sunday roast dinner Fagan’s, rhododendrons Muckross Gardens, and the people!
Ann (@beamish11)

Being inside on a cold, windy night & a fire made w/ briquettes.
BAnLar2009 (@BAnLar2009)

I miss the people…their love of music and hospitality!!
Penelope Verstege (@cdnpenny)

Celtic Thunder!!!
Vicki Griffin (@schoolgeekVicki)

The native tongue and the accents. All I know of the land is what I’ve seen in pictures.
Lynn Green (@kandls)

The accents!!! πŸ˜‰
Michelle Eisenber (@MMEPhilly)

I got engaged atop the Cliffs of Moher @ sunset…a sight like none other. Need to go back…SOON!!!
John Duffy (@jmduffy97)

The warmth of the people & the view from my garden.
Arianna Maree (@Aria511)

The smell of a turf fire! Sweet, smokey, inviting!Β  The sound of Trad in a local pub! Got meself cryin’ here!
Joan Parks (JustJoan308)

The Burren – and the flowers that grow in the Burren.
Sheila R. Lamb (@sheilarlamb)

The music and the people – roll on July!!! yeao!
Kim Piper (@KimPiper1)

I love the friendly people! AND the Cliffs of Moher is one of the most serene places on earth.
Jessica Mullins (@jessmullins79)

Author: Liam

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  1. Offering a Bonio to the nearest dog at the Donegal artists village, and a local noting. “The fellow is prepared for anything.”

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  2. Rubbing shoulders with our ancestors in a “thin place” as Mindy Burgoyne would call it. Sitting on a stone at the Cureeny Hedge School with damp eyes closed tightly, listening carefully to the teacher’s every word to me and the other children.

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  3. oh, this is lovely. the people, the green green colors, brown bread and fish chowder, tiny roads, dodging sheep/cows/bicyclists, the rhythms of the tide, tesco (and black currant jam & soda), white sausage, pure happiness.

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    • Oh I’m so glad you said Tesco! And SPAR, Centra, Mace…! Chicken & sage stuffing, and egg & cress sandwiches…and throw in a hot beef & Guinness pie πŸ™‚

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  4. The landscape, the beautiful landscape.

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