Ireland Hotels Now Offering the Best Deals in Western Europe

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Three years ago, travelers from around the world grumbled over Ireland’s hotel prices. A room on the Emerald Isle was among the highest in Europe. Now, a report from reveals that hotel prices in Ireland have dropped 7% in 2010 making them the cheapest in Western Europe, and only the Eastern European countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland offer lower priced rooms in Europe.

Why the Price Drop?

The report does not look at reasons for drop in price, but it’s safe to say economic downturn has played a big role. Over the last two years, tourism numbers have dropped and bank-owned hotels that have remained open on a skeleton crew and tight budgets have impacted the industry… both have likely played a roll in the drop in hotel prices.

For the traveler, lower prices are good news. However, we encourage visitors to do a little research before booking at the cheapest hotels… they are often the one’s who have sacrificed amenities, service, and building upkeep. In addition to sites like TripAdvisor that offer user-generated hotel reviews, Pat Preston at offers her personal suggestions for Irish hotel stays.

While not covered in the report, prices at Irish Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs), restaurants, and bus tours have also gone down. All signs point to a good time to visit Ireland.

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