Lucky Leprechaun Show and Tell for Saint Patrick’s Day 2011

Oh boy, we’ve been having fun! Reports have been coming in from the Lucky Leprechauns who participated in our little gift exchange. Here’s a peek at what has been shared…

  • Joyce Jentges received some candy and a pair of hand-knit slippers in a lovely green/blue variegated yarn (perfect for the Wisconsin winter she’s been dealing with) from Terry-Jo from Washington.
  • Nancy Lucas was given the most lovely and thoughtful gift from Betsy in Illinois – a desktop calendar made up of pictures from Betsy’s recent trip to Ireland.
  • Terry-Jo Lewis is enjoying her fantastic scarf from Galway that arrived courtesy of Wendy in California.
  • Kathleen Steel came home Saturday to a box from Patti in New Hampshire. She used her new bookmark to highlight the pages on her upcoming Ireland itinerary and was so taken with blueberry muffin candle, she was enticed to eat a real one with her morning tea.
  • Wendy Levine thanks Joyce from Wisconsin for sending a thoughtful gift and very nice letter. Wendy says, “In this day & age of texts & tweets a real letter is a true gem.”
  • Ashley Daoust loves the set of notecards Jessie from Michigan made from her. The cards feature images from Jessie’s trip to Ireland. Ashley says she LOVES using cards like these to type notes on her old typewriter from the 1920s.
  • Karen Coles was lucky enough to get a bag of Irish dirt from Jessica in Alabama. Karen has a shamrock in a pot that needs to be transplanted, so a little Irish dirt will be just the thing to help it grow!
  • Beckie Kirker received a book of Irish blessings (perfect, as she absolutely love quotes & sayings) as well as a touring map of all of God’s country (that’s Ireland, of course) from Corey in Wisconsin.
  • Anne Roos sends a big thank you for the gifties from Judy in Texas.
  • Heather Stanfill was sent an Irish “way to unwind” from Stephani in Florida. She was sent afternoon Irish tea, biscuits, tea bag holder, and a chocolate bar.

Shamrock Box

Betsy Avery found lovely carved wooden box from Celtic Expressions in her mailbox from Cindy Johnson in Ohio. She’s keeping it next to the tea kettle she bought in Corofin while in Ireland.

Sherry's Lucky Leprechaun

Sherry Yates opened her gift from Jody from Iowa to find an Irish Coffee Glass and can of Irish Coffee…. which she plans to enjoy on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Celtic Voices Lucky Leprechaun Gift

Cindy Thomson opened her gift to find a copy of “The Big Little Book of Irish Wit & Wisdom” that arrived from Pam Ellingson from Wisconsin. Click the photo to read her blogpost about it at

Lucky Leprechaun Cindy

S.J. Velasquez’s gift came from the Blundell family from Utah. They had an Irish artist paint a cottage with her last name on the post outside the door!

Sinéad Carus loves sheep and anything that features them so when she received this mug from Dana in Kentucky, she was so excited. She says she’s used it every day since its arrival. Thanks Dana!

Celtic Wisdome: Treasures from Ireland

Keith Coleman had a real spirit-lifter when his gift arrived from Cindy Thomson, a copy of her book Celtic Wisdom. Keith had emergency surgery last week and the book has been a real blessing during his recovery.

Patti Wakefield received a beautiful clover necklace from Hilary in Connecticut along with a pressed real laminated clover for even more luck. What fun, thank you, Hilary!

Irish Dirt

Wendy Coleman received a pound of the auld sod from Liam in Arizona! Her spring shamrock crop will be planted in real Irish dirt this year. She says her husband wants some to carry a bit of Ireland with him all the time… she’s hoping he finds another way to carry it than just putting the dirt in his pockets!

Lucky Leprechaun gift for Raydra

Raydra Hall opened her gift from Margaret in Illinois to find a beautiful art piece from The Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale, Co. Cork. It is bronze and cast iron with a imprinted shamrock.

Lucky Leprechaun

Camille Grimshaw’s Leprechaun was extra mischievous. He or she used their magic powers to open her car (or perhaps she left it unlocked?) and left a small Celtic stash on her driver’s seat (which she almost sat on). It included an etched glass vase, necklace, and a beautiful bag with soap and chocolate! All this, and they didn’t leave their name… but she has her suspicions.

Suzan Sander found these goodies from Missy in Oregon in her mailbox.

Jody Halsted is enjoying the book and hand-knit scarf that arrived from Suzan in California on her blog. Click the photo to read all about it.

Missy Smith opened her box of Irish goodies from Angela in Florida… including some of Angela’s favorite tea, a treasured picture of High Crosses, an Irish Blessing, and some fantastic Celtic page markers. Missy said, “I love everything!! She sent me things that were special to her, which made them special to me as well!”

High Kings irish Music

Kim Hathaway first heard the High Kings on her first flight to Ireland, and now Rebecca from Chicago sent her a copy of their CD. Kim loves their rendition of the Parting Glass!

The Little Big Book of Ireland

Dana Saretsky is enjoying a copy of “The Little Big Book of Ireland” from Kim in Florida. Dana says the book is chock full of Irish stories, recipes, songs, history… all accompanied by lovely illustrations.

tonya Bond Lucky Leprechaun

Shannon in Saskatchewan wonders how Patty in Pennsylvania knew she’d need Irish oatmeal to help her get through her outdoor work on a cold day. And says, “Thank-you for breakfasting and bedazzling me!”

Michael Connolly will be wearing his Irish pride with gifts from Kathleen in Illinois. She sent a shirt from a junior volleyball club she runs called Celtic Force and of some black stuff memorabilia.

Jessica Mullins is putting her English literature degree to work and enjoying the copy of “The Teapots Are Out and Other Eccentric Tales from Ireland” from Melissa in California.

Judy Arnold Lucky Leprechaun

Judy Arnold got a real Irish Sampler–trad music from Yvonne in Dublin, Ireland, in the form of a tin whistle (dogs are howling all over the neighborhood), modern Irish music in an Imelda May CD, food as gummy snakes and shamrocks, scenery by way of a Cliffs of Moher jigsaw puzzle, prep for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day with a charity rosette, and a neat DVD of Yvonne’s personal choices of “pics and vids.:

Terry-Jo Lewis has spruced up her waredrobe with a scarf from Galway and lo-and-behold it matches the blue/green in her glasses!

We’ll be adding more reports as they come in, so be sure to check back!

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Author: Corey

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  1. I loved the photos of all those unique Irish gifts. What wonderful memories they will make for not only the receiver but the gifter.


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  2. A little Irish Cheer for St. Paddy’s day!!

    May those who love us, love us.
    And those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts,
    And if he doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May he turn their ankles,
    So we may know them by their limping.


    This hung in my great grandmother’s house and now my grandma’s!! I love this one!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! And special thanks to my friend Rebecca for the lovely High Kings CD of Irish Music!!

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  3. Hey, I got one of those Wacky Woolies mugs in the Secret Santa exchange in ’09. Now my granddaughter eats her lunch soup from it so she can find “Lucky Sheep” down in the bottom when the soup is gone. So cute to hear her baaa-ing at the sheep on the mug. She gets the cute gene from her Granny…..

    Thanks again, Marge!

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  4. A very big thanks to my Leprechaun, Stephani Mahone. She sent me an Irish ‘way to unwind’. In my package was some afternoon Irish tea, biscuts, tea bag holder, and a chocolate bar. I love my gift Stephani!

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    • Heather,
      Glad you enjoyed it! I had a blast wandering through an Irish import shop in Kansas City to find just the right gift.

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  5. This was so much fun!I really enjoyed my gifts!!! Especially loved the gift of 2 new Friends!! (my sender & my receiver!!)

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  6. How fun! I need to participate one of these days.

    And to Suzan in California…I’d love a scarf like that. Do you take orders for them? 🙂

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