Presents for Puck Gift Exchange

Presents for Puck Irish Gift Exchange

Every year in the month of August, the village of Killorglin in County Kerry crowns a goat (or puck) king for three days. The Puck Fair is the oldest in Ireland (click here for details about the fair). For our online celebration, we’re hosting a “Presents for Puck” gift exchange.

It works just like our Lucky Leprechaun and Secret Santa exchanges. When you sign up, you agree to send an Ireland-inspired gift to another Irish Firesider… something that will gain the favor of King Puck. In return, someone else will ship a gift to you. Get a peek at gifts from our last exchange.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Fill out the sign up form below by Tuesday, July 26, 2011.
  2. We’ll send you the name, address and email of your Presents for Puck recipient on Wednesday, July 27th.
  3. Make, buy, or contrive some sort of gift valued at about $10 (US). We embrace creativity and encourage an Irish theme, but ultimately, everyone is left to their own devices.
  4. Ship your gift with a personal note by Wednesday, August 10th (we encourage you to include your email and/or mailing address so your recipient knows how to send you a thank you).
  5. Wait by the mailbox for your gift to arrive.
  6. Once your gift arrives, send your a thank you note.
  7. Then, send us a report of your gift… we’ll publish it on our blog (here’s a few from our last gift exchange).

If you have questions, email

Entries for this gift exchanged are now closed.

Author: Corey

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  1. Sign me up for this one too…I am lovin all this, makin some new friends, and anything having to do with Ireland is a treat!!!

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    • Sign me up too, what a great way and idea to spread a little joy. 🙂

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  2. Had such fun participating in the Lucky Leprechaun exchange! And have an idea for this one! Great fun!

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  3. Would love to be involved.

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  4. Add me to the Puck Gift Exchange…lovin these little things, and making some great friends!!!

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    • Be sure to click the “Click Here to Sign Up for “Presents for Puck >>” link to enter.

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