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Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Food | 26 comments

A Taste of Irish Cider

Bulmers Cider

While Guinness may prevail as Ireland’s official drink, Irish Cider offers something a little different.

Sweet golden cider is made from fermented Irish apples, and depending on the brand, cider can have a similar or even higher alcohol content than beer. The fruity flavor often appeals to non-beer drinkers and the drink is particularly popular in summertime in Ireland.

Bulmers Cider (called Magners outside of Ireland) is the most popular and is available in pubs throughout the country.

Now you’ve got one more thing to add to your Irish to-do list.

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  1. it’s our absolute favorite Irish beverage. It, honestly, was the first drink I had in Ireland. One of my twitter friends recommended it, and they were right! It’s always in our fridg now… Every first sip, reminds me of the little pub outside Dublin, where we heard a ‘diddly dum’ pub band, and tasted Bulmers goodness… Thanks for the happy memory…

  2. Hard cider is my drink of choice :) It’s still hard to find Magners in the Buffalo area, but it’s slowly finding its way to larger markets (Wegmans, for example). Woodchuck and other America varieties will do, but Magners/Bulmers is my favorite.

  3. What a tease!! I dream of this stuff. And I don’t care what anyone says… Magners is not the same (but will do, I guess…)!!

  4. I had my first Irish cider at a greasy spoon type joint along the side of the road. I loved it!! :-)

  5. It was my drink of choice on my trip to Ireland. Brings back memories of an evening in a small pub in Cashel where an impromptu music session arose and grew to involve almost everyone.

  6. Well, now I want to try this cider! Because honestly … Guinness didn’t really float my boat. Shhh, don’t tell!

  7. I. LOVE. CIDER. I dreamt of Bulmers after my two trips to the Motherland. Now there are at least 5 pubs/bars carrying Magners, and several liquor stores sell it. HEAVEN! Woodchuck will do in a pinch, but it’s not my choice, though that’s the only cider one of the “traditional” Irish pubs sells (in bottles). Sorry, but you’re not traditional if you don’t either have Magners, or *some* cider, on tap.

  8. Ah, Bulmers! This drink is the best thing to wet your whistle on a warm summers day. Nothing beats getting a nice cold pint of it after a hard day’s work putting decking down. I haven’t had a chance to try it as Magners. Apparently there is a brand of cider in England called Bulmers but it is not the same product as the Bulmers drank in Ireland. It’s made by a different company and i think specifically brewed for the U.K. market. But you cannot beat Bulmers! -Mike

  9. Absolutely love the stuff.
    Honestly, it’s my drink of choice at local Irish pubs (and anywhere else I can find it). Very refreshing and tastes great!

  10. Fell in love with Bulmers on my first trip to Ireland. Unfortunately can’t get Magners where I live- so out of state trips usually involve a case -or two- coming home with us!

  11. It was not until our third holiday in Ireland that my wife partook of a glass at the now-closed Star Bar in Donegal town.

  12. We were in Ireland a year and a half ago during a very hot spell (for Ireland) in May. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was drinking Bulmers apple cider at the pubs. We gave it a try, and drank it during the remainder of our trip! Yum!!

  13. When I first visited Ireland in 2006, a friend recommended that I try the cider since I don’t care for beer or Guinness. FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! SO refreshing and tasty plus gives one a real mellow buzz. Bulmers/Magners is made in Tipperary, but no brewery tours at this time :( Like others have written, Woodchuck will do, but Bulmers is the best. In England they have their own brands – Stongbow is good, but Irish cider is WAY better!

  14. I’ll stay with tea myself — Barry’s from the green box, thank you.

  15. My wife and I arrived in Dublin jetlagged, hungry and thirsty. We stopped at a pub near Grafton Street to get a bite to eat and a drink. We didn’t know what to drink and there were posters advertising Bulmers Pear Cider, so that’s what we ordered. We love Bulmers. It was our first Irish drink in Ireland. I agree with another comment that Magners isn’t quite the same, but I would also argue that the Guinness served in Ireland tastes better than the Guinness served in the states.

  16. Haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, but it’s now on my to do list! Hopefully my local Irish Pub carries it! :)

  17. Thank goodness for Bulmers! Since I don’t drink ale or stout or beer of any kind (yuck!), it lets me feel less awkward with friends and locals at the pub. I can have my full pint glass of deliciousness in front of me, too. Much better than a wimpy little wine glass…LOL

  18. I’m not at all a beer drinker, so I tend to drink a lot of tea whilst in Ireland. On our first trip in the spring of 2007 the temperature got quite warm. Hot tea was not appealing with the heat outdoors, and diet coke was just too expensive. My husband is an avid Guiness drinker, but I couldn’t bring myself to down the stuff. He likes 1/2 and 1/2’s so I thought why not…I made a 1/2 and 1/2 with Guiness and Bulmers! It was actually quite tasty!

  19. It’s also great half and half with Guinness to make a Black and Tan!

  20. I LOVED Bulmers. It was my drink of choice during the two months I stayed on the Aran Islands. Pear flavored was my favorite. I wish I could find it in New York.

  21. Well, now.
    Anything I might say is a repeat of above. But that’s ok.
    Magner’s is a stopgap for the Bulmer’s. Not bad, but not Bulmer’s. I still have…well rather hazy and pleasant memories of St. Patrick’s day at a local pub called the Druid’s Chair while staying in Killiney.

    Lost track of the number of pints of Bulmer’s. But they liked my singing, and I don’t remember actually paying after the first song or two.

    So put back a pint of cider for me if you head out to Ireland soon. And tell them I’ll be back. I believe I owe someone at least one or two rounds.


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