Irish Dance in 3D… What Do You Think?

Lord of the Dance 3DWe’ve been offered free tickets to see Lord of the Dance 3D… that’s the Irish dance spectacular that came in after Riverdance. Only this time, it’s got Michael Flatley’s tapping feet in in 3-D.

Help us decide if we should say “Yay!” or “Nay!”



Should we see Lord of the Dance 3D

  • Abso-diddly-lutely YES! (77%, 124 Votes)
  • Flately NO! (23%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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The official website:

Here’s a look a look at their trailer:



Author: Corey

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  1. Are you KIDDING? Of course you should! :0)

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  2. As much as I despise Flatley for his arrogance, I voted yes for the rest of the performers..

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  3. I’m just worried that in 3D I might get freaked out when it looks like I might be getting a Michael Flatley foot to the forehead.

    Bonus! Click the pic above and check out that bedazzling cummerbund!

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  4. Hmmm..I voted yes, although it IS on St. Patrick’s Day. Has a better plan come along? Have to weigh your options carefully. My husband is out of town for St. Pat’s this year, so I’m thinking of taking our daughters to a matinee of it.

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  5. Totally agree with Laura Leeds and Corey your concern is real even if undersated! Worse than the kick…some of his sweat may get on you! And I think he looks stinky!

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  6. Yes see it – I am looking for a web site to but tickets for NYC this week. Any one have an address?

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  7. The dancing may be OK but, some of the costumes are a disgrace to the Irish dance heritage.

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