Artist’s Eye Ireland: Lucky Beach

Lucky Beach by Camille Grimshaw

Lucky Beach, Camille Grimshaw

Inspired by Celtic knotwork, Camille Grimshaw has created these seaside beauties.

About Artist’s Eye on Ireland

Artists Eye on IrelandIt’s a new year, and we’re trying a new feature called “Artist’s Eye on Ireland.” Each week we’ll showcase artists who use Ireland or their Irish heritage as inspiration.

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Author: Corey

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  1. I love the Irish mermaids!

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  2. Irish mermaids were called Selkies. The story goes that they are shape-changing spirits who look like seals when they are in the water. Once, a Selkie came to shore and she removed her seal-skin like a fur coat. Beneath she was a beautiful maiden. A fisherman found her on the beach and fell in love with her. He took her home and married. The fisherman and the selkisy lived together for many years. To keep her from going back into the sea, the fisherman took her seal-skin and locked it inside a chest. After a few years, she became forlorn and would spend hours a day staring out the window of their cottage next to the ocean. She longed to be in the sea again. One day the fisherman accidentally left the key on the fireplace mantel. She discovered the key, unlocked the chest, and put her seal skin back on again. She went back to the sea, never to return.

    There are many Irish stories based on animals changing into maidens. Swans change into princesses, seals change into beautiful girls on the beach, and Kelpies change into horses. (Ah, watch out for those Kelpies! They’ll getcha.)

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  3. Beautiful mermaids. I wish I was one or better yet, a Selkie. But considering I was taken into the ocean at 9 weeks old, I guess I’m well on my way to becoming one or the other.

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