Artist’s Eye on Ireland: By the Blue Wagon

Near the Blue Wagon by Elaine Hurst

By the Blue Wagon, Elaine Hurst

Painted “en plein air,” the American Scots-Irish cottage that inspired this painting is located at the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia.

More Irish cottages are in Elaine Hurst’s future as she prepares for her first visit this summer. To her delight, she has connected with an Irish group of plein eire painters who organize “Art in The Open,” Wexford’s plein eire painting festival.

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Author: Corey

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  1. Lovely painting, Elaine!

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  2. Gorgeous painting. Would have thought it was in my great grandparents village in Cork.

    Exceptional example of the plein eire style as well. Very nice work Elaine.

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  3. Now that’s where I want to sip whiskey next to the fireside. Very nice artwork!

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  4. Thank you!! The Irish cottage was built by some men brought over from Ireland. I “talked” to a family member of one of the men who built it, and thatched it. There is a whole “Irish farm” with the house. A wonderful place to paint!

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  5. Beautiful painting! I would love to spend the evening curled up in that cottage with a nice cup of tea.

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  6. Your cottage is in better shape then mine,see my page,very nice painting,keep up the good work

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  7. Hey lovely painting Elaine , and well done getting Plein Eire a mention. Hope to see ya at our event in August this year,,, Congrats

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    • I’m very much looking forward to Plein Eire’s “Art in the Open”.

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  8. It is an Irish Brigadoon..This impression was reinforced by the hayfields about the village some.cut and dotted with cylinders of hay while others in yellow splendour.awaited their turn.

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