Irish Linen, Blessings and Stout

It’s an interesting combination… two Irish linen handkerchiefs, a book of Irish blessings and an Irish stout keychain. You never know what we’ll be offering in our giveaway.

We’ll be randomly selecting three winners (one for each of these items) from comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. The drawing will take place on Monday, January 10th, so poke around and leave some comments… there’s a lot of stuff on this website you should be investigating 😉

And when you’re done with that, you can take a peek at the Irish Blessings over at Irish Culture and Customs.

Congratulations! Monica won the Irish Blessing book.

Congratulations! Micheal Hodge won the Irish Stout keychain.

Congratulations! Betsy won the Irish Linens.

Author: Corey

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  1. Definitely do what Corey and said and check out the Irish Blessings link. LOTS & LOTS of great things there!

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  2. I checked out those Irish Blessings and found the perfect one for me. It’s about rain and where I live we have rain all winter (no snow to speak of). Many folks complain of rain, but I am a fan of plants, so rain is my friend. The Blessing starts out:

    ” May the blessing of the rain be on you—
    the soft sweet rain.”

    They had me at “soft sweet rain”

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    • Wow…this is SO beautiful…Thanks for keeping Ireland in my heart..I can’t wait to visit some day!

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  3. I think I have this Irish Blessings book. Definitely a must-have for your library!

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  4. Stout and Irish Blessings! A match made in Heaven!

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  5. I love the way you help me and many others stay in touch with Ireland! Thank you for the blessings daily!

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  6. I love Irish blessings. I’ll be going to Ireland this year (first time ever), so I’m really excited!

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  7. love irish linen,beautiful!

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  8. Irish linen, and Irish blessings what could be better?

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  9. There IS a lot to investigate. When I went to the Irish Blessings link I saw a picture of a painting that hung in my parents house for years. Thanks for the nice memory!

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  10. Irish blessings is what I need, but would love any of these!!!
    Have I mentioned “I LOVE IRELAND!”

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    • Irish linen–the only, the best!

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  11. I have been looking for the perfect blessing to start teaching my 4 year old grandbaby…looks like I found a winner here…”Like the gold of the sun, like the light of the day, may the luck of the Irish shine bright on your way. Like the glow of a star, and the lilt of a song may these be your joys all your life long.”
    So glad I took a peek : )

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  12. I already have a Celtic Blessings book! We’d love another to keep it company 😉

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