75 Best Irish-Interest Articles and Posts

75 best articles about Ireland and Irish TravelWhile ash clouds, winter weather and a financial crisis dominated Irish news this year, our look back on 2010 reveals there were many writers celebrating the wonders of Ireland and Irish culture.

We asked our readers to help us choose the very best Irish interest stories of 2010 from sources around the Internet. The result is a list of 75 articles covering Irish travel, culture and topics of interest to the Irish diaspora.

So, cozy up with your computer or other internet device and enjoy this extensive collection of wonderful tales. And if you like what you read, let these authors know by leaving a comment on their blogs and websites.


Scaling Skellig Michael with My 84-Year-Old Mum
by Jillian Harris McKelvey, The Globe and Mail
In a feat considered challenging for young backpackers, Jillian Harris McKelvey braves the stormy seas and climbs the steep steps of Skellig Michael with her 84-year-old mum.
The Real Craggy Island
by Turtle Bunbury, The Australian
Turtle Bunbury explores Inis Mor, the little island that has made it’s mark on Irish culture through music, film and television.
Road Tripping Through Ireland
by Marcus Cederstrom, EuropeAlaCarte.com
Marcus Cederstom traveled 2700 kilometers over the course of nine days in Ireland… all on the “wrong side of the road” and lived to tell the highlights.
Ireland Calling
by the readers of the Sun Chronicle
From the Cliffs of Mohr to making the important decision as to whether to kiss the Blarney Stone, three Sun Chronicle readers tell the tales of their adventures on the Emerald Isle.
A House in the Country
by Nancy Richards, Times Live – South Africa
On the garden path in the fertile County Wicklow, Nancy Richards tethers up at an old stable for the best breakfast in the land.
You Belong in Gaol if You Miss this Dublin Landmark
by Matt Long, Landlopers.com
The courtyards, hallways and cells of Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) hold special meaning to the people of Ireland and Matt Long shares his visit.
Which Ireland is Right for You?
by Anto Howard, Budget Travel
A snapshot of Ireland’s defining experiences: spectacular untamed landscapes, pubs reverberating with banjo and fiddle music, and monuments to past civilizations. Get a sense of which ones fit your travel style and budget.
Irishmen Lecture Americans on Pub Etiquette
by Steve Holt, MatadorNetwork.com
To the Irish, drinking is a sacred pastime. Far more than a place for drunkenness or casual hook-ups, pubs have traditionally been the center of the Irish social fabric. In other words, the Irish take their drinking very, very seriously.
Tipsy Pilgrims Lost in Ireland: A Rambling Fireside Story
By Tracey Minkin, GoNomad.com
Tracey Minkin and her friends take up an adventure that includes city, country and magical place.
Ireland? Again? Yes!
by Patty O, TravelBlog.org
Those who make frequent trips to Ireland are eventually going to be asked “What can you possibly need to see there that you haven’t already seen?” Patty O. gives us her answer.
Dublin and Ireland Sing a Magical Tune
by Jim Byers, Toronto Star
Jim Byers invites you to eavesdrop on his stops at various Irish pubs and music sessions. A visit to his archive will reveal more stories from his trip to Ireland.
Time to Brush Up on Our Céad Míle Fáilte Skills
by Martina Devlin – Irish Independant
Tourists bring something to Ireland, and Martina Devlin reminds her fellow citizens that it’s more than dollars, euro and pounds.
Blarney Stone Kiss and Irish Emigration Story an Easy Daytrip by Train from Dublin
by Tricia Ambrose, The News Herald
Tricia Ambrose writes her most eloquent piece to date after an outing by train from Dublin to Blarney.
A Little Adventure…Off-Roading to the Cliffs of Moher
by Shannon O’Donnell, ALittleAdrift.com
Hand-written maps, climbing over fences and the spoils of an off-track trip to the Cliffs are all wrapped into one Shannon O’Donnell’s many Irish adventures on her blog.


Just Back: Fleet-Footed Tour of Ireland’s Wild West
by Kathleen Collis, The Telegraph
Kathleen Collis tells her account of a spirited holiday in County Clare.
Stone Cold and Sober
by Fergus Shiel, Sydney Morning Herald
On a tour of the wild Antrim coast, Fergus Shiel braces himself with legend and whiskey.
Ireland’s Ring of Dingle
by Rich Whitaker, Brilliant Trips
Offering an alternative to the famed Ring of Kerry, Rich Whitaker introduces the Dingle Peninsula’s Slea Head Drive.
Footsteps of Joyce Echo Still
by Tom Adair, Herald Scotland
The legendary writer James Joyce has sins to answer for, making Dublin so iconic on the literary map that the city still shakes from all the brouhaha. Tom Adair explores Joyce’s Ireland.
Tourism Comes Naturally for a Village
by Erin Gurski, European Culture & European Journalism
Erin Gurski digs her heels into the little town of Doolin on Ireland’s west coast.
Inis Mór: As Irish as It Gets
By Connie Maria Westergaard, GoNomad.com
A look at the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, a stronghold of Irish culture, language and desolated landscapes.
Exploring Meath, Louth and the Boyne Valley
by Eamon Mullen, IrelandYes.com
Eamon Mullen provides an insiders look at this historic part of Ireland.
Galway City: Remnants of a Medieval Town
by Kimberly Ballaro, WanderingEducators.com
History and tradition carry on in Ireland’s western hub.
Why I Went North
by Cindy Thomson, Celtic Voices
Many travelers overlook Northern Ireland, but Cindy Thomson found a warm welcome and a wonderful experience.
Traveller’s Guide: Irish Lakes
by Aoife O’Riordain, The Independent
The ‘Emerald Isle’ is also a brilliant blue – strung with beautiful stretches of clear, fresh water. Aoife O’Riordain immerses herself in Ireland’s lakes.
No Fairies to be Found
by Masada Siegel, The Jerusalem Post
In addition to many of Ireland’s sites, this trip uncovers some sites of Jewish interest.
Tiniest Plane I Ever Flew In!
by Pam Stucky, P as in Pterodactyl
Pam Stucky recalls her flight in the “tiniest” plane on a visit to the Aran Islands.
Behind-the-Ropes on Ireland’s Most Famous Bridge
by Aileen Power, Discover Ireland
What’s tall, with curves in the right places, stunning in all seasons and on magazine covers? Carrick-a-Rede bridge.
Climbing Croagh Patrick on Reek Sunday
by Corey Taratuta, Irish Fireside
The traditional pilgrimage up Ireland’s Holy Mountain in County Mayo proves extra challenging when rain, fog and fatigue overtake the climbers.
Cork City: My Kind of Town
by Ciara Hegarty, The Telegraph
It is easy to see why many locals refer to it as the real capital of Ireland, says the author Ciara Hegarty.


An Easy Ride Around Ireland
by Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal
Alberta motorcycling quartet takes a circle tour around Ireland they dubbed ’50 Pints in 50 Pubs’.
Dublin: 5 Favorite Kid-Friendly Activities
by Suzanne Battat Dowling, Ciao Bambino!
Her kids love the long days and ancient feel to Ireland’s capital, and Suzanne Battat Dowling shares five of the best things to do with your children in Dublin.
10 WWOOFing Opportunities in Ireland
by Rebecca Kinsella, MatadorNetwork.com
Rebecca Kinsella was prepared for a lot of things on her World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) volunteer experience… except for the compost toilet.
Dublin Literary Pub Crawl Nourishes Mind and Spirit
by Sharon Whitley Larsen, San Diego News Network
Sharon Whitley Larsen follows in the footsteps of Dublin’s literary giants to sip a whiskey or Guinness in the same watering holes they frequented.
Craft Holidays in Ireland
by Catherine Mack, Green Traveller
Catherine Mack reveals the looms, potters wheels, easels and woodworking shops open to visitors in Ireland.
Northern Narnia
by Thomas Breathnach, Irish Independent
On his first trip North, Thomas Breathnach found good shopping, food and friendly locals all topped off by the magical Mountains of Mourne
Cork by Kayak
by Guyan Mitra, The Sunday Times
Why splash around in the sea when you can paddle on a kayak into the centre of Ireland’s second city?
Welcome to Ballywood! Ireland the Movie Set
by Lisa G, Discover Ireland
Film-making is alive and well in Ireland and Lisa G looks at Ireland on the silver screen both past and present.
What I love About Dublin – Literature Comes Alive
by Denise Pulis, Travel with Den Den
There is an unstoppable crescendo of literary moments as Denise Pulis learns that Dublin has two great loves, literature and drinking, existing happily side by side and mingling freely.
The Irish Road Trip from A to B in a Squiggly Line
by Sean O’patrick, Mail Online
The Irish roadtrip provides the perfect way to explore Ireland.
Irish Pubs Uncovered
by Melissa Jones, Whitsunday Times
THE Irish are known for being a mad bunch of friendly characters. Their all-dancing, all-drinking stereotype makes Ireland a popular tourist destination for many travellers.
The Best Free Thing in Ireland
by Kerry Dexter, Music Road
Sometimes the best things are free, and Kerry Dexter reveals what she thinks are the best Irish experiences that won’t cost anything.

{slide=# 42-52 A LOOK AT IRISH CULTURE}

Once Again, Ireland’s Young Prepare to Leave
by Tracy McVeigh, The Observer
Ireland’s boom is over now, and the desire to emigrate, set deep in the nation’s psyche, has taken hold once more as Tracy McVeigh looks at the new Irish diaspora.
For Traveller Women In Ireland, Life Is Changing
by the Kitchen Sisters, National Public Radio
Travellers, sometimes called the gypsies of Ireland, the people of walking, are the focus of this radio segment by the Kitchen Sisters.
Irish Emigration and Its Effects on Global Pop Culture
From the 1500s to the present, the Irish have been leaving their home country in droves, searching for a better life in the United States and elsewhere. While they were changed by the countries where they settled, this post looks at how they changed the popular culture of those countries as well.
Dunne Brothers Busking in Galway
by Galway Advertiser
Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips or gratuities, and the Dunne Brothers in Galway are legends.
Once a Roaring Celtic Tiger, Ireland’s Economy Struggles
by David J. Lynch, USA Today
As Ireland emerges as the latest trouble spot in Europe’s still-simmering debt crisis, David J. Lynch gives a look at the nation once hailed as the Celtic Tiger.
The Irish Country Wake
by Imen McDonnell, MarriedAnIrishFarmer.com
Being married to an Irish farmer has taught Imen McDonnell a lot about Ireland’s traditions, and she shares what she has observed in this post about the Irish wake.
An Evening in Belfast
by Kerry Dexter, Perceptive Travel
An account of how music can soothe the noise of the city, hard times and a violent history.
Miss (or Mrs.) Independent Ireland
by Clare Kleinedler, AnAmericanInIreland.com
Her time in Ireland has changed Clare Kleinedler’s notion of what it means to be independent.
To Know the Irish, First Know Their History
By Leah Dunaief, Times Beacon Record
Leah Dunaief tells that knowing bit of history can change your perspective while traveling in Ireland
John J. Preston – In Memoriam
by Patricia Preston, IrelandExpert.com
Ireland Expert Pat Preston’s tribute to her husband and travel companion who passed away in December.
Cuchulain, The Celtic Hercules
by Christy Dorrity, Diddlyi Magazine
Celtic mythology is filled with heroes, and Christy Dorrity looks Cuchulain, one of the biggest.


Roots Travel in Ireland
by Megan Smolenyak, Huffington Post
Megan Smolenyak goes over the basics and the brand new resources that will help with Irish genealogical research.
Discovering Your Irish Roots
by Irish Fireside
This fireside chat with a genealogist reveals the most common mistakes and the vital tips for anyone looking for their Irish ancestors.
Week of Welcomes: McCormack Style
by Aine, The Irish In America
It took 22 years, but Aine finally connected with her Irish relatives, and she describes her encounters.
The Wild Geese
by Kim Hathaway, Irish Fireside
Kim Hathaway connects with her grandmother and her family history through Ireland’s Wild Geese, Mary Pat Kelly and the book “Galway Bay.”
22 US Presidents with Irish roots
by Irish Fireside
Megan Smolenyak and Corey Taratuta look into the Irish connections of 22 U.S. Presidents, including Barack Obama’s County Offaly roots.
The Friendly People of Ballinafad and Ballinamore
by Bill Sweeney, A Good Blog Never Broke a Tooth
Family research takes Bill Sweeney on a unique journey in Ireland

{slide=# 59-66 IRELAND’S BEST}

The Travel Hot List
By Pol O Conghaile, Irish Independent
Pól Ó Conghaile has trekked the four corners of Ireland this year in search of the top hotels, hikes, sights and grub. Here, he picks the best of the bunch.
Top 10 Walks in Ireland
by Ireland.com
Put on your walking shoes for this look at ten places in Ireland that are best experienced on your own two feet.
Our Irish Top Ten
by John and Sally McKenna, Irish Independent
John and Sally McKenna, authors of the new ‘Bridgestone 100 Best Guides to Ireland’ have scoured the country in search of their favorite places to eat and stay.
Ireland’s Best (and Best-Kept Secrets)
by By Kate Hamman, SmarterTravel.com
Ireland is overflowing with amazing destinations. Kate Hamman’s list includes several you probably know and a few you might not.
10 Free Things to Do in Dublin
by the online editors of Irish Independent
If you are looking for a day out in Dublin, you might be surprised to learn that many of the city’s top attractions actually don’t charge entry fees.
Experience Ireland’s Best
by Frank Murphy, The Irish World
Frank Murphy brings you an insider’s guide to the world-class attractions Ireland has to offer
Best E-Guidebooks for Ireland Travel
by Corey Taratuta, Irish Fireside
Traveling with guidebooks is quickly becoming passé. Here’s a list of the best digital guidebooks for Irish travel.
5 Thin Places in Ireland You Must See
by Mindie Burgoyne, ThinPlace.net
There are some places in Ireland that can only be described as “special.” Mindie Burgoyne calls them “Thin Places.”
10 Best Irish Farm Stays
By Pol O Conghaile, Irish Independent
Fancy a retreat back to nature? From horsey hideaways to traditional cookery lessons and bracing country walks, Pól Ó Conghaile has the low-down on Ireland’s top farmhouses.

{slide=# 67-73 FOODIE FINDS ON ÉIRE}

Irish Shortbread Recipe and Ireland Travel Notes
by David Lebovitz, DavidLebovitz.com
An abundance of gorgeous foods welcomed David Lebovitz in Ireland. In this post he shares the story with beautiful photos.
Round Ireland on Our Bellies
by Miranda Krestovnikoff, The Guardian
Can a foodie holiday work for families with toddlers? Miranda Krestovnikoff thought Southern Ireland seemed a good place to try it out.
The Flavour of Cork, on a Plate
by Patricia Cleveland-Peck, Herald Scotland
Patricia Cleveland-Peck journeys deep into the heart of Cork to discover the elusive joys of locally sourced ingredients.
From Cork to Galway, a Devotion to Artisanal Food
by Chelsea Conaboy, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Chelsea Conaboy’s family history trip included an unexpected helping of amazing food.
Sip your way along Ireland’s Whiskey Trail
By Rosemary Mcclure, The Ottawa Citizen
Discover how you can follow the angels to a little bit of heaven with Ireland’s whiskey-making tradition.
Because Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Make Fish Chowder
by Dr. Jessie Voigts, WanderingEducators.com
The cold and rain cue Dr. Jessie Voigts to cook up some of Ireland’s fresh catch.
Living Fast in Belfast
by Paul Oswell, Mail Online
Paul Oswell offers a glimpse at his food-and-drink tour of Northern Ireland’s resurgent capital city.

{slide=# 74-75 JUST FOR FUN}

IRE 101: How to Talk Like a Paddy
by Maryann, Views from an Irish Backyard
It doesn’t take long for this “Yank” to start picking up the Irish vernacular, and she’s even willing to teach it to you.
Irish Road Signs in Pictures.
by Eoin and Saša, Gaeltacht Travel in Ireland
When you’re courageous enough to rent a car in Ireland, you won’t only be confused once you hit the road but you will also be very amused!

{slide=BONUS: Digital Sightseeing in Ireland}

TV3’s Baking Sticky Toffee Pudding with Catherine Leyden
Mark Riglers Day in Drogheda
Marcia Gold’s Photos of Ireland
Virtual Visit Northern Ireland
Virtual Visit Dublin

Do you have a favorite article that we missed? Add it to the comments below.

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