Giveaway Wrap-Up

We’re reaching the end of our Holiday Giveaway…

We’ve still got one Anne Roos Celtic Harp CD that needs a good home…

We haven’t picked a winner for a copy of Who Do You Think You Are?

I’ve still got a few shard jewelry gift certificates

And we have a couple bags of Official Irish Dirt to send out!

For your best chance at winning, leave a question or Irish travel tip on our comment line at 414-292-9269. Or leave a reply on your favorite Irish Fireside blog articles for a chance at these gifts.

FYI – I’m closing the comments on this post though, so you’ll have to root around the site to leave your comments.

Congratulations! Karen Coles won an Anne Roos CD.

Congratulations! Maureen McNamara and Bill Sweeney won some Official Irish Dirt.

Congratulations! MaryAnn F and Chelsea Swan won $50 Shard Jewelry gift certificates.

We’re still not done giving away. Tomorrow (January 4th) we’ll announce who won a copy of “Who Do You Think You Are?” and we just unveiled a few more giveaway goodies.

Author: Liam

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