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Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in Audio & Video, History | 27 comments

Memories of Winter in Ireland

I recorded this a few years ago, but being in Ireland right now, I’m reminded just how special this place can be in the short days and long nights of the Irish winter.

Thanks for listening… and remember, we’ve got giveaways afoot… including some Irish linens for someone who comments about this video.

Preview photo by ©NIreland eye.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful, precious memories. I found myself thinking of memories…. mostly from a time past…. and I was especially touched by the thoughts of the peacefulness and calm and quiet. I let myself escape and visit Ireland in the winter in my imagination. :)

  2. Nicely done! Really evokes a feeling of winter and family.

  3. What a great story about Ireland at winter. I have always wondered how it would be in winter I imagine the snow makes it ten times more beautiful than it already is and the cold gives you an even better reason the enjoy the good craic. Thanks for posting and I look forward to more great stories.

  4. What a beautiful post. It makes me want to travel to Ireland in winter…but I’d prefer it to be snow-free! ;)

  5. Very nice!

  6. A very lovely post indeed.. Family abound, comfort foods & great craic seem to be a must for a perfect Irish Winter. In fact,Dear Liam & Corey, it is perfect for an American one as well.
    Merry Christmas to both of you & your families.. :)

  7. love to see all the scenes from glown, makes me happy!

    • Sadie – there were a lot of pics from Glown in there.

      The second to last image with the people at the table and the press in the background (you might have recognized Jimmy on the right) was taken in Glown too. That’s the cottage Tony fixed up… your relations used to live there :)

    • I spotted jimmy and mike and pat and the kids have just watched with me again it!

  8. So sweet. Sorry about your father. This makes me long wish even more for a trip there.

  9. Wonderful stuff … recall when I first saw it on the site. Just grand!

  10. Liam,

    I would love to feel the warmth, you mention, in the winter in Ireland. Keep the candles burning.

    A wonderful video. I will watch it again.


  11. Ah, to sit beside a peat fire on a wintry night………… lovely video. Thanks!

  12. Liam, a chara….How well you tell a story…It is like being right here in the moment of it all. I hope your family and friends are weathering the ferocious winter weather without any major troubles.

    Look forward to seeing you in the near future.

    Slan agus Barrogs,


  13. my sister-in-law leaves tonight to spend two weeks home in Co. Westmeath. I’m looking forward to the opportunity someday to spend Christmas with my wife in Ireland.

  14. What wonderful memories you have of Ireland in the Winter. Friends and family are what it is all about wherever you are, but Ireland will always be special. I will not be with my family this year and I am really missing them.

  15. I think we miss a lot by traveling there in the spring/summer/fall. Perhaps I’ll do a winter visit some day.

  16. I loved hearing your stories and memories. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  17. So lovely, thank you for sharing!! I can NEVER get enough of anything/everything Ireland!! :D

  18. Beautiful post…I’d love to see Ireland any time of year!

  19. This was a great video. It really made me want to be a part of it! I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland or England at this time of year. I think I belong in 1822. :) Thanks for sharing your memories with us!

  20. Thank you so much for a wonderful video. My great grandfather Michael Clifford,lived in Glown, prior to moving to Nenagh. I now live in Harrow, England. Having watched your video my daughter is now keen to return during university holidays. Thank you! Marian

  21. I LOVE your video of Ireland in the winter. I have been to Ireland three times, and would truly love to live there. Your country is definitely the “Emerald island”!!

    The Celtic cross on top of the country church was stunning, the herding of the cattle, the beautiful horses, and the home at the end with the moon, and lights on in the home. One forgets about the coldness in the air in Winter there because there is so much beauty abounding.

  22. I’ve yet to visit Ireland in the winter, only the summer, but your video reminded me of Christmases past in cold New York, with my own family and friends around– and Midnight Mass

  23. I certainly enjoyed the video and your voice fits the scenes well…very soothing. I think I would like to travel there in the winter as well as the other seasons. I am sorry about your father…enjoyed hearing you reminisce about him and church/prayer/lighting candles.

    The scenery was quite beautiful. I did notice a cute little pot of sorts in one interior image, it was sitting on a table before the fireplace. It appeared white with shamrocks…not sure if it is for butter or honey or something else?? Doubtful you know where it came from but…??? Would love to see something like that in the Fireside Artisan’s shop along with all of the other beautiful items.

    Would love to hear you narrating other videos featuring Ireland and memories.

    Anyway, truly a lovely and inviting short video.

    • That was a honey pot by Cyril Cullen in County Tipperary.

      • Thanks, Corey….Merry Christmas!

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