Filmed in Ireland: “An Old Fashioned Christmas”

Cast of An Old Fashioned Christmas

Cast of An Old Fashioned Christmas

Ireland is a prime location for making movies. In October 2010 while I was visiting Bunratty Folk Park I discovered that a movie for the Hallmark Channel was being filmed. As I stopped to watch, I recognized the main actress Jacqueline Bisset among some Irish character actors and several young actors who were unfamiliar to me.

A crowd had gathered to quietly watch the fascinating process. It was a period drama with Victorian costumes, horses and carriages. One of the cottages in the folk park made a perfect farmyard setting for an encounter between the main characters. I marveled at the patience of the actors as they repeated the same scene over and over. As the light changed technicians either shielded the actors or brought in light boxes. It was very busy off-camera as the actors worked at their craft.

After watching for a while I departed and visited the castle and folk park. When I returned a few hours later I was surprised to see that they were still filming the same scene and repeating the same lines. It takes an amazing amount of endurance to make a movie.

I learned that the film was An Old Fashioned Christmas based on a story by Louisa May Alcott and a sequel to An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving. It is currently being shown on the Hallmark Channel on December 18, 19 & 27. The castle in the movie is Knappogue Castle in County Clare. For video clips, photos, interviews and much more go to the movie’s website on the Hallmark Channel.

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Author: Michele Erdvig

Michele has done and seen it all in Ireland. Specializing in Ireland for over 40 years, she is one of the foremost Ireland travel experts in the United States. She writes guidebooks and blogs about Ireland, creates custom Ireland itineraries and dispenses free advice on her Ireland Travel Forum.

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  1. very cool! i’ll have to watch it – thanks for the heads up.

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  2. Ireland has become quite the Country for filming.. I can surely see why what with all the beautiful country side. Most recently “P.S. I love You”was filmed in the Wicklows.. Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow. Great film..

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  3. We’ll have to watch the movie this week. I can’t recall (sadly) if we went to Bunratty on our trip or not. Too many places, too long ago. :)

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  4. I visited Bunratty on my last trip to Ireland! Now I can’t wait to watch the movie. It’s fun to see places on film where you’ve actually been. :-)

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  5. having worked behind the scenes in film and television, I’ll agree that it takes endurance (a good sense of hunor helps too) to create all the scnes which flow so smoothy inot the story as told in fanal form. nice you were able to look in on a bit of this, Michele. thanks for telling us about it.

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  6. Oooooh! We just canceled our cable – should have waited for the new year! Maybe I can find a friend nearby who needs a new Christmas movie…

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  7. Just watched it recently. Always have a love for old castles and made viewing the show that much better

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