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Posted by on Dec 13, 2010 in Headlines | 81 comments

Pieces from Ireland’s Past

This week we’re giving away a $75 Gift Certificate to the Liam Shard Jewelry Store on Friday… and $20 Gift Certificates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Liam, who also happens to co-host.. the Irish Fireside Podcast, collects broken dishes from around the world and turns them into beautiful pins and pendants. The types of shards he recovers in Ireland include Belleek, Nicholas Mosse Pottery, Donegal Parian, as well as transferware shards from the 1800s that would have come out of Ireland’s “Big Houses.”

Get 15% Off Just for Being Irish

The winner of the gift certificate will be drawn will be drawn Friday, Dec 17, but you can start shopping today. He has offered everyone at the Irish Fireside a 15% Off code. Enter ARKLOW when checking out and 15% will be deducted from your shard jewelry purchase (cannot be combined with other codes, expires January 15, 2011).

Liam collecting shards in Ireland

Liam collecting shards of antique transferware at Annestown Beach in County Waterford, Ireland.


The winner of this prize will be chosen Friday, Dec 17, from those who reply below.

Congratulations! Tuesday’s $25 Gift Certificate goes to Mary Knapke!

Congratulations! Wednesday’s $25 Gift Certificate goes to Betty Lydon!.

Congratulations! Thursday’s $25 Gift Certificate goes to Kelly G!

Congratulations! Friday’s $75 Gift Certificate goes to Tammy M!

And several random $20 Gift Certificates have also been given out… Liam was feeling especially generous!


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  1. Love Liam’s jewelry, especially the pieces with Shamrocks……… I am leaving a note about the website out where Santa can find it………..

  2. I am feeloing lucky tonight;)

  3. Okay, I helped Santa along…….. I ordered it…….. now all he has to do is wrap it. Win-win situation! :)

  4. Beautiful pieces shown here, as always, will have to check out all the other goodies on the site!

  5. Liam’s work is beautiful!

  6. I never fail to receive compliments when I wear one of Liam’s pieces. Another one would sure be good for my ego…..

  7. That design is exquisite; beautifully thought out. Mr. Liam, you are quite talented. Reminds me of running aroung in some open fields outside of Galway and looking for lucky 4-leaf clovers, lol.

  8. What is truly magical is that Liam gets to express his artistry, we get a “sparkly” and a part of the past gets a whole new life! Beyond that everyone who sees it gets to think abotu it all :) Truly Liam you have a gift from the Gods and we are blessed to have you Lad! Now to be honest I might be usin that 15% off for meself :) Cheers to you for bringin that living history to us all.

  9. FYI – One necklace is made from a shard of an Irish Belleek dessert plate (shamrock & basketweave pattern) the other is a piece of transferware recovered in Ireland.

  10. These pieces are gorgeous…Nice work Liam.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. I am the proud owner of two of Liam’s pieces. They are both gorgeous! I can’t bear to hide them away in my jewelry box when I’m not wearing them. Instead I have one displayed in a curio cabinet with my Belleek collection. The other hangs on the handle of a little display cabinet in my living room. It means something very special to me and has a story behind it.

    My sister Pam and I purchased the piece in Ireland on one of our trips together. It was a small Belleek pitcher with a woman’s face on it. I’ll never forget the day she called me very upset because her young son had slammed the door and sent a whole shelf of Belleek tumbling to the floor. She wanted me to look for a replacement on my next trip. But unfortunately it was a retired piece. So she glued the poor little girl pitcher back together and put it in a safer place. Three years ago Pam died of breast cancer and I was entrusted with clearing out her house. I sent a bunch of her broken china to Liam. I was surprised to get a package in the mail from him about a year later. He had cut the undamaged face out of the broken pitcher and made it into a necklace/ornament. It is now a treasured remembrance of Pam.

    Thank you Liam! Not only is your jewelry unique and beautiful but you are a very thoughtful man. And what a great giveaway for the Fireside.


  13. Beautiful work!

  14. love these pieces,pick me guys,i will be thrilled!!

  15. Beautiful work! I’m off to shop at his site now!

  16. I have been eyeing Liam’s jewelry for some gifts – would love to win a certificate!

  17. I think the special part of this, other than the incredible craftsmanship that the jewelry shows, is that it is taking something from the past and reusing it for another purpose now. Sort of a “going green” approach to jewelry, an appropriate measure for the Emerald Isle’s most dominant color. Great work Liam — the site is wonderful and filled with incredible things.

  18. So beautiful! I can never watch qvc when he’s on because I want to buy everything!

  19. I would love one of Liam’s pieces, to remind me of my 2007 trip over to Ireland, maybe it will bring me luck and I can go again.

  20. I hope Santa hears me. Such beautiful jewelry!

  21. I work with glass make stained glass windows so I know how precious Shard is. Love the old Shared jewelery from the 1800’s, and Liams work is beauitful.

  22. I have just discovered Liam’s beautiful jewelry. It is wonderful! I have been listening to the podcasts for some time now. I have wanted to travel to Ireland and read about Ireland since I was young. No Irish blood that I know of, in me, but I love it. I listen to the podcasts, and music and read books. Summer of 2011 I am planning on a trip to Ireland to paint with Irish plein air painters I have “met” via their wonderful website, Plein Eire. As an artist, I am very much looking forward to painting, and meeting Irish people, in a non-touristy way. Can’t wait!

  23. Such a beautiful gift. I’m sure that it will be cherished forever!

  24. Liam’s work just keeps getting better every year! My favorites are the Irish Belleek Shamrock designs. Amazing that something broken can find a new life recycled into such a beautiful art form.

  25. Liam’s jewelry is beautiful. I had a chance to see it at the Milwaukee Irish Fest Celtic Christmas Boutique and I was so impressed.

  26. Liam, I love the designs and am thrilled that the art in this world has thoroughly surpassed stick figures! Mine are awful! Lol

  27. Nothing could be more beautiful except Ireland itself.

  28. Still treasuring my fantastic memories of our trip to Ireland last March!! And dreaming on the time we get to go back and make more Irish Memories! Maybe my Santa Baby (and travel companion or and lovable husband) will be so kind…..and I will find one of Liam’s masterpieces underneath the tree this year!! :0D Merry Christmas everyone!! God Bless!!

  29. Amazing work…Just added this to my Christmas List and Birthday List…Liam’s work is so Beautiful..Thanks for sharing..HoHoHo

  30. What a nice way to re-purpose a broken dish. I love it!

  31. I would love a piece of the shard jewelry. I especially love the ones with shamrocks, which I assume is Belleek.

  32. Beautiful! You do wonderful work, Liam. What a great way to give a piece of Ireland!

  33. Very Pretty. I don’t yet have one of Liam’s shard pieces! This would be lovely!

  34. I want one!!!

  35. Have a number of pieces and enjoy each one! Beautiful work!
    Received many compliments–

  36. Have several cat pin/pendants and love every one of them.

  37. Love all of Liam’s creations! Makes me wish one of my cherished china pieces would “accidently” break so I can keep the piece closer to me!

  38. Liam, Love your work, as you know. I have a few pieces and I love each one. Love to have witnessed your business grow. Continued success!

  39. Liam, I own over a dozen of your pieces now and still look forward to seeing your new designs every year. I really enjoy giving them as gifts because people get so excited when they open them. The pieces are truely works of art!

  40. I have four pieces of Liam’s ‘treasures’ and would love to have more! They are so special, and it has been a true pleasure to learn more about the man behind the art! Liam, keep up the wonderful work. It would be especially delightful to have some of my grandma’s china put into pendant or pin form for my daughters! Wishing you a blessed holiday season and a happy, prosperous 2011!

  41. Love Liam’s works of art! I love jewelry that is different and one of a kind!

  42. What fun to enjoy beautiful jewley

  43. I am the PROUD owner of 7 of Liam’s pieces. Recently I was participating in an art/craft show and as I walked by a neighbor’s display to take a peek she said to me “Is that a Liam?” I said “Why yes it is.” She then proceeded to push her hair out of the way to display her own Holiday Liam. You do get around Liam. It must be very rewarding to have friends recognize your artwork. Look forward to adding more and more pieces over the coming years. Happy Holidays.

  44. Thanks Liam, for turning my mother’s broken teapot and creamer into 11 pieces of beautiful jewelry. Now it can be shared with all the females in the family and won’t sit forever in the back of my cupboard. I can hardly wait to see you at the 4th AV street fair in Tucson this spring.

  45. I own two Liam pieces one is a holiday piece and the other is a piece with a beautiful orange flower. I love his pieces they really brighten up my day when I wear them. I am a history teacher and it is fun to know that there is history behind the pieces.

  46. I have been buying Liam’s pieces for a log time. I own 5 pieces myself, and have given three more as gifts. I love Liam’s pieces and it.s wonderful that he has added more dimensions to his art. As long as he is still selling, I will be finding that special piece to add to the wonderful collection I have. Wishes to you Liam for a wonderful time in Ireland.

  47. If you haven’t seen Ireland with Liam, you have NOT seen Ireland! He’s the best guide on either side of the Atlantic. I’m jealous that Beverly & friends are returning next year. We’ll be too broke from moving in January. Wishing you a joyous, restful Christmas and a new year full of promise. Emily

  48. I have admired Liam’s shard pendants from afar for years now. I love Belleek and own two pieces that belonged to my (Irish) grandmother. I’d love to expand my collection with a Belleek shard!

  49. Absolutely Beautiful!

  50. It’s been a dream of mine – a top entry on my wish list – for a long time to have a piece of Liam’s beautiful jewelry! It’s unique and fascinating! I’d never heard of or seen anything like it. I have to admit that it’s even more special being made by Liam! One of these days my dream will come true…..

  51. What beautiful jewelry – and what a great addition to my collection of Irish jewelry. Hope I am near to his shop on my next visit to Ireland.

  52. I love Liam’s pieces and the thought that a piece of china can be repurposed again is just wonderful. I have pointed out the store to two friends that have purchased items and now I have also purchased an item for myself and an item for a good friend as a Christmas gift. I always look forward to seeing what new goodies he has in the store. Thank you for doing this!

  53. Absolutely gorgeous. I looooove the belleek.

  54. I love Liam’s pieces for myself and they make wonderful presents!

  55. would love to be wearing one of these beauties!

  56. Liam: I purchased three of your pieces at the Trimborn Art Fair in Greendale, WI several years ago. You spent a lot of time with me while I slowly selected my pieces. I wear my Christmas pendant “Handpainted 3″ tea cup “Holly” by Ruth Schoeder during the holidays and I love it! I have received many compliments on it already this Season! I also truly enjoy my other two pieces and wear them frequently. Beautiful artistry! Love them! I also think your Irish pieces are exquisite! : – )

  57. Have been wearing my nutcracker piece almost daily this Christmas season. It’s soooooo beautiful!

  58. I have several of Liam’s pieces which are beautiful, but the first piece I received from my friend is still my very favorite. Thanks, Liam, for your creative artistry.

  59. That is really stunning jewelry! Beautiful, Liam.

  60. Beautiful stuff! I’ve always wanted one of Liam’s pieces of jewelry… it’d make a great gift ;)

  61. Such lovely jewelry. I’d love to have a piece of this, but just can’t afford it right now. Very pretty.

  62. This is so much fun!!

  63. Costs for sudden car repairs tightened my Christmas budget, so I’m crossing my fingers for the drawing. Beautiful work, Liam.

  64. Liam has beauitful jewelry pieces. I love it!!

  65. I’ve never seen Irish jewelry so delicate…The shamrocks look real. Please let the designer know these are truly lovely pieces. Thank you

  66. I love going to Liams website and looking the the jewelry I would like to get when I start working again. I enjoy the on the road blog as well.

  67. I got a $20 GC!!! Thanks so much! I’m immediately going to the site to pick our something fabulous!

  68. YaHoo!! I was delighted to open my email a moment ago and find I had won a gift certificate!! I will be ordering asap!!

    Thanks so much!

  69. Yeah!!!!

    Thank you for my $20.00 gift certificate!!!!

    Just have to wait til after Christmas…

    money didn’t go very far this year!!!!

    Thank you again!!!

    Happy Christmas!

  70. Go Raibh mil maith agat, mo charas!

    What a delightful surprise in my inbox!

    Cindy, I think we now have a new Catch phrase “Is that a Liam?”

    That made me smile!

  71. And I too received a gift cert!! I can see into the future–granddaughters discussing who gets which piece so I had better have at least 6 to leave. And then there are the three daughters and daughter-in-law. So I had better get shopping!

    Thanks, lads!

  72. Thanks for the gift certificate! Unfortunately my computer spammed Corey’s e-mail so I could not see the link-please resend.

    Also I won a Beleek irish cottage at our Irish club auction tonight so It’s been a great week for the Irish.

    The club raised hundreds of dollars tonight so Irish Fest may continue to be the place to be in September.

    Merry Christmas.

  73. I was praying and wishing and hoping for the $75 gift certificate to finally be able to buy a piece of Liam’s jewelry which I had wanted so badly for so long! I was blessed to get a $20 certificate and talked Santa into taking an I.O.U. so finally have a beautiful piece and I love it so much that it’s going to be a special piece to pass on to one of my two granddaughters. I need more money to be able to satisfy my desire to have more. I’m thrilled though that I have something now that I dreamed of having and never thought I’d be able to get. :)

  74. Wow Liam, these pieces of jewelry are truly beautiful. Include me in the giveaway please.

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