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Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in Artist's Eye, Headlines | 59 comments

Gorgeous Ireland Giveaway

A misty morning at sunrise in Castleconnell, Ireland

Who can resist some of the most gorgeous panoramic images of Ireland? Not us. So when Peter O’Donnell from offered some copies of his Panoramic Landscape Photography of Ireland 2011 calendars to the Irish fireside, we said, “ABSOLUTELY!”

It’s been a while since we had a giveaway, so this seemed like a perfect thing for a Friday morning.

We’ve got 10 calendars and 4 note cards to give away. We’ll randomly choose 14 winners from the comments made between today and Oct 21, 2010 anywhere on the Irish Fireside blog, our Facebook Page or retweets on Twitter.

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  1. Count me in! A bit of Eire is always welcome in our home!

  2. I’m in. Actually, I bought one a couple of years ago after seeing it discussed at your web site. Would love to win one for 2011.

    BTW, with your summer Irish linen giveaway I didn’t win but my daughter saw me looking at it and ordered it for my birthday! So the giveaway worked for me without being selected here.

  3. The scenes are gorgeous and I would love to win a giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  4. Those are great, I needed to see those on a somewhat dreary morning.

  5. What a wonderful treasure some lucky folks will win! I would love to be one of the lucky winners.

  6. Can never have too many pictures of Ireland around the cottage. Would love one!

  7. San Diego weather this morning is like a “bit of Ireland”! This doesn’t happen very often here. The beautiful calendar photos of Ireland would bring a welcome touch into our home everyday!

  8. I love this site – anything on Ireland is for me!

  9. Tada! Here’s my comment/entry!
    Oooooooh, I would love to win one of these! Great stuff Mr. O’Donnell!

  10. What a lovely image. Count me in, and thanks for the opportunity to get one!

  11. Will the luck of the Irish smile on me in this contest? I love, love, love Irish things and I love, love, love beautiful photos! Beautiful Irish photos on a calendar! Too good to pass up a try at winning. An aside….since I’m in a love mood…. I love, love, love Corey & Liam and I love, love, love Irish Fireside! :)

  12. My new Irish bride would love a copy of this.

  13. I would love to win a copy. My parents and sisters are headed over to Ireland next week and I don’t get to go with so this would be nice.

  14. Does that picture just make your pulse quicken???? Have been to Ireland 10 times but never in winter. I need to see this in person!!!!!

  15. These photos are unbelievable!! Visited Ireland for the first time in June and fell in love. I’m an aspiring photographer who dreams of doing what Peter does. He’s my new mentor! Would love to win!!

  16. What a stunning photo!! If the rest of the calendar is like that, it must be GORGEOUS!! :-) I loved Ireland the two times I was there, and can’t wait to go back and explore more. :-)

  17. He has some fantastic prints available! If I don’t win anything, I’m thinking… tax returns in a few months! ^_^

  18. The pics are so eye candy. I could find a nice spot to matt and frame them… :)

  19. i LOVE peter’s work – he’s an incredible photographer! thanks for the giveaway.

  20. i would love to have a print to add to my collections of Ireland
    beautiful scenery

  21. Irish beauty anytime, anywhere!

  22. I found a trip to Ireland for the whol $499.00 deal and shared it with my friend, due to circumstances I couldn’t do it and haven’t been back since 2006..and what did she do..SHE IS GOING ANYWAY! RUDE!!!! hahaha, so I think a pick me up is in order for the betrayal of 1) not getting to go, and 2) others taking my trip! *GRIN*

  23. Hey guys!!!! I would love to have one of those calendars for the wall of my cube at work to remind me of what I am going to see when I get to Ireland next September. We did the Southwest on our first visit and now we want to go do the North and Donegal!!! Thanks for all of your fun articles on youer website, keep up the great work!!

  24. Wish me Luck! or better yet just pull my name out of the hat PaLEEEEZe!!

  25. That’s even more magical than Ireland normally is, which is saying quite a bit! I’m facing winter again, and this Florida girl needs something cheery to get her through it…

  26. Peter is a fine photographer, and a generous one too. I’ve always enjoyed his work. thanks for having the giveaway, and all the best with it.

  27. Simply Brilliant. I am winging my way to your gorgeous Isle in May 2011. I am so excited. This will be my 2nd trip. I’ll be doing the West Coast this time.

  28. Beautiful photos! The perfect inspiration for planning my next travels to the Emerald Isle!

  29. It looks so beautiful. I would love to come there.

  30. Absolutely gorgeous! Magical, mystical Ireland!

  31. Just so I understand….you aren’t actually giving away Ireland, but some gorgeous photos? My granddaughters who get to go next June would just love one of those calendars.

  32. Another wonderful calendar. I was lucky enough to win one last year!

  33. Ah, surely there are some views from Kilkee.

  34. His work is beautiful and I would be thrilled to display it in my home Thanks

  35. I would love to have one of these. I’m headed to Ireland in 3 weeks to see some gorgeous scenery and this would be great to remember it!

  36. Heading to Ireland in May – can’t wait. I’d love to have those beautiful pictures to look at in the meantime.

  37. I have the 2010 version hanging at my work desk and I am thrilled every new month when I get to a new picture. Truly talented!

  38. Wow, what a beautiful photo. I would love to have one of Peter’s new calendars.

  39. These are so beautiful! And it seems I actually have a chance, since it’ll be random.

  40. Oh how I would LOVE to win ANYTHING Ireland-related! For having pictures and calendars around me help inspire my dream of going there to become a reality!!

  41. hoping you pick me!

  42. Beautiful! Can never get enough of pictures of Ireland! =)

  43. Tis a lovely thing to be able to take such grand pictures that it makes ones heart ache to see the splendor in person!
    Hauntingly beautiful work, thanks so much for sharing with us! You always have a fix when Im feeling Eire deprived,,,,, :0)
    We <3 Irish Fireside!!!

  44. Fabulous photos with enough texture and colour to be practically edible … but where’s county Meath??

  45. One of these calendars would fit in so nicely on my shrine to Ireland wall above my computer. Thank you Peter O’Donnell and Irish Fireside!

  46. And the winners are…

    Sherry Dickens O’Dowd
    Alesia Barbaro
    Wendy Horton
    Kim Chambers
    Marie Leahy
    Rosemary Farmilo
    Carrie Pedersen
    Cindie Doe
    Tom Moser
    Sadie Clifford

  47. Congrats to all the winners…

  48. OK! So my name isn’t on the list :( I”ll keep trying :)

  49. A wonderful end to a rough week. Thank you so much!

  50. So I didn’t win? Well, I’ll just have to go to Ireland and see these sites in person.

    Congrats to the winners!

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