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Posted by on Sep 4, 2010 in Audio & Video, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Podcast | 2 comments

#109 About Those Northern Ireland Travel Warnings

The Ring of Thanksgiving, by Andy Scott.

The Ring of Thanksgiving, by Andy Scott.

Episode Guide – Podcast #109 News on Those Northern Ireland Travel Warnings

After the U.S. and Australia adjusted their travel information to Northern Ireland, we chatted with Heidi McAlpin, Belfast resident and editor of Belfast in Your Pocket.

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Show Notes:

Intro: The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid

Travel Warnings for Northern Ireland
Australian Warning:

U.S. Warning:

Belfast in Your Pocket01:35
Interview with Heidi McAlpin from Belfast in Your Pocket.

Marching Season and July 12th/Battle of the Boyne

What are the differences in Belfast from 1970s and 1980s to the Belfast of Today?

Ulster Museum

Belfast City Sightseeing Bus Tours

Black Taxi Tours Belfast

Bram Stoker Festival – Dublin

St Michan’s Church and the Mummies – Dublin

Glassnevin Cemetery – Dublin

The National Wax Museum Plus – Dublin

Halloween Fireworks – Belfast

Halloween Carnival - Derry

Belfast Festival at Queens

Halloween’s Celtic Roots – Samhain

Hill of Tara & Newgrange

Titanic Centennial and London Olympics

Titanic Museum in the Titanic Quarter – Belfast

Titanic Walking Tour – Belfast – Colin Cobb

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  1. This is a really lovely interview. I agree completely with Heidi McAlpin, having lived in Belfast four times over the past ten years, that it is a brilliant city with a vibrant social life and a LOT to offer visitors – great music, theatre, pubs, museums, galleries, clubs, and world-class hotels and restaurants. It is not to be missed. The now irrelevant warnings issued by the US and Australia shouldn’t bother anyone wanting to head to Ireland’s Northern counties. Marching season is well over, and no one need participate in those festivities even when they are on during the summer. Go and enjoy!

    – Caroline Oceana Ryan, author, AN OLD CASTLE STANDING ON A FORD: One Yank’s Life in an Almost Peaceful Belfast (Eloquent Books, 2010)

  2. Why would anyone celebrate such a horrible time in history!? It would be like the U.S. celebrating the demise of the Native American Indians!


  1. Security Concerns in Northern Ireland | Irish Fireside - [...] echoes comments we heard from Belfast in Your Pocket editor Heidi McAlpin in our interview with her last fall. …

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