Poll: How Do You Book Your Travel to Ireland?

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We’re curious. When you’re booking that dream trip to Ireland, do you stalk the internet hunting for the best price on everything individually, do you book with an online travel company, are you the type to rely on the phone or do you ring up your travel agent and let them do the job? We’d really like to know how you shop…

How Do You Book Most of Your Travel to Ireland?

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Author: Corey

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  1. We’ve been to Ireland four times and each time we’ve researched and booked everything ourselves. We go more small villages and off the regular routes, deep into the country and far into the west. Travel agencies and tour companies would not have that sort of trip available. We see so much more when we make our own plans. Having spent so much time in Ireland, now we have good friends there and many places that we frequent. We are hoping for a 5th trip next Fall.

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  2. We’ve tried all of the afore mentioned booking options. Tour companies got us into fabulous places we never could have afforded; travel agent did an amazing job giving us a taste of the whole country on our first trip; and booking our own allows us the freedom to roam as we like. Bottom line….there’s never a bad trip if the destination is Ireland!

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  3. We fly by the seat of our pants. I book the cheapest flight I can find, usually an air/car combo amount. Then we drive ourselves around in a wandering, where-should-we-go-next way. The first time we stayed at the Gresham for 4-5 days, then …”discovered” accomodations as we traveled the coast. Last time, we just drove and landed wherever, which almost led to a couple of nights sleeping in our car. But that’s half the fun of the trip–just going with the flow. That works best if you’re going for 3 weeks or so and choose to travel in the fall.

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  4. I e-mailed and called my friends at Irish Fireside/Knockahopple Cottage and let them plan out a loose itinerary for us! They did an awesome job…we saw the real Ireland and will go back for sure! We did book thru a tour company for the flight and B&B coupons, found out later I should’ve talked to Liam or Cory before I did that! Like Norma said, if Ireland is the destination, it could never be a bad trip!

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  5. You said it, Christy.. I should have been a travel Agent.. LOL I do all my booking as well. (airfare, B&B’s, hotels, tours) In fact, I am in the process of booking my next trip in May 2011. Dublin, Donegal, Derry, Belfast, then Glasgow & Edinburgh Scotland.

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  6. I spent a year plus planning my trip last year! I loved doing alll the research and planning my trip. I could not afford a rental car so I planned my destinations based of the bus route. I swear I spent hours going over bus timetables and planning my trip. It turned out to be an amazing trip and was worth all the time I had put into researching. I can’t wait to go again!

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  7. Visited a year ago and had the advantage that my mother and sister had visited the year before, so booked some of the same B&Bs. Found some of our own, too, and asked at breakfast at the B&Bs for recommendations for places to eat and see. Booked almost everything by ourselves via the internet. Visited a very small section of the west of Ireland. So beautiful and friendly. Hope to return soon. Ireland is very fortunate that the B&Bs are so well regulated…it seems hard to find a bad one. Every day in Ireland is a good one, no matter how you get there.

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  8. We’re going back for our third trip to Ireland this summer. I research, and then research some more, and talk to the local experts on Tripadvisor. I email owners of B & B’s to check on availability, then book a flight. Then I call the B & B and confirm. this is a huge fun part of getting ready. We free wheel it– no car in Ireland. Part of the fun is traveling on trains and buses and taxi cabs, and talking with the locals. No big organized tours for us– though we have taken day trips with companies. And we stay in each place for 3 – 5 days, so we really get to know a town and its people

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  9. I chose contact my travel agent, but that’s not entirely complete. I do a ton of research online and also speak with my travel agent. Often she can get me better airfare, but I do better with lodging if I do it myself. So really, I do a “combo booking”.

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  10. Still researching for my first trip..have lots of folks for advice who have been to Ireland and Northern Ireland. I have places on a must-see list! Looking forward to next year!

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