#107 A Day in Kilkenny City – VIDEO

We made a quick stop in Kilkenny and caught Sunday mass in Irish (10:30 at the Capuchin Friary Church on Friar Street).

Here’s a peek at a few of the sites in town… St Canice’s Cathedral, St Francis Abbey Brewery, St Mary’s Cathedral, St John’s Cemetery, Kilkenny Castle, Grace’s Castle/Courthouse, the Parade, the Hole in the Wall, the medieval gate and wall and Rothe House.

Smithwick's Brewery

Saint Francis Abbey Brewery

Author: Corey

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  1. Do they still make Smithwicks in Kilkenny? Last time we were there we could not find the brewery.

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  2. Hi, Corey… As usual, Kilkenny is looking good (in your photos). It is a great city and your photos portray it well. Did you overnight in Kilkenny or just do a day trip from Dublin? Has there been any progress on the proposed hotel at McDonagh Junction, or is it still “on hold”? It is too bad that Smithwick’s is moving out of Kilkenny to Dublin…. But at least everything else is holding its own.
    Hope all continues well for your travels,

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  3. For now, Smithwick’s is being brewed there, but there are plans to move it out of Kilkenny (although rumors that it will stay, but that might just be wishful thinking). It’s the brewery’s 300th anniversary, so their making a splash. It’s located right on High Street and tours are offered three times a day at present, but they’re closed Sun and Mon.

    We were on the move, so I didn’t go up to the hotel… some of the construction fencing was still up and the sign said, “Opening 2009” so I’m assuming it isn’t open, but the building looks much like the promo photo. Otherwise, Kilkenny is looking pretty well… as usual. Construction on the Parade has completed and it makes the area around the castle look much nicer.

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  4. Thanks — last time we were there the construction around the castle was in full swing. We must have walked right past the Smithwick Brewery! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go drink one instead.

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  5. What a wonderful gift to be able to see this video! Great way to share the sights & the music is awesome! I don’t know how you did that while travelling but it’s fantastic! The harp music is a perfect accompaniment! Thank you again for sharing!

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  6. 2017 – the new Medieval Mile Museum has opened in Kilkenny. Based in the former St Mary’s Church the museum is well worth visiting, with a collection of artefacts and AV installations, it tells the story of the city and the wealthy merchants who were buried there.

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