#105 Liam’s Horse Ride Through Knockahopple in Ireland – VIDEO

Must say, Liam had one of his favorite days ever… a horse ride down Knockahopple Road in County Tipperary, Ireland.

Author: Corey

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  1. What a thrill! I say skip the rental car at Shannon next time and just hop on one of those.

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  2. Now I know what I want to do on my next trip to Ireland. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thank you for using my tune, “The Gold Ring” from my CD “A Light in the Forest” in this video. I think it matches the scene perfectly! Now, I just need to get to County Tipperary and play it live 🙂

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  4. What a beautiful tune & fantastic video !
    A lot of Hogan’s in Tipperary, I understand.
    I must go there for a gig lesson.
    Would you be knowin’ where there’s a Jaunting car ?
    — Hank Hogan

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  5. I liked the way you looked so concerned on the way out but coming back all smiles. Are you thinking of that you might quit your day job ???

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  6. Been to Liam’s cottage a few times and met Mikey Clifford but not his horse “Jack”. It is the most lovely of all rural (real Ireland) Tipperary nestled in the shadow of Keeper Hill and the Silvermine Mountains.
    To Thomas Hogan – my Irish family name is Hogan (My Mother’s maiden name) and you’re right Tipperary is Hogan country especially in the northwest from Newport to Nenagh to Ardcrony. My Hogans were from the townlands of Coolboreen, Kilmacogue, Kilnarath, Killoscully and Fiddane all just a few miles north of Newport. I have wonderfull, extensive information about my ancestors in that area which makes my visits there all the more fulfilling and enjoyable. Read “The Quest for Galloping Hogan” by Matthew Culligan Hogan for some great Hogan history.

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  7. oh, liam, this just makes me so very happy! what a smile!! i like your friend, too – he’s having a blast!

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  8. poor old horse carrying those 2 amadans around

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  9. Oh what a fun video! It would be a thrill to do that, and Mikey looked like he was having as much fun as Liam with the lesson too.

    “Mind the Ditch”, I just love how they talk, can’t ever get enough of that Irish brogue. I could happily listen to them all day!

    Perfect background music choice too!

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