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Posted by on Jun 8, 2010 in Belfast, Headlines, Northern Ireland | 21 comments

Belfast In Your Pocket Turns Five & You Can Get a Present! – Two Giveaways!

Has it been five years already? It’s hard to believe Belfast In Your Pocket has been showering us with nuggets of useful travel info about Northern Ireland for THIRTY issues? Wowsers!

To celebrate, they’re offering everyone a chance to win two nights B&B and one evening meal for two at any of the Jury’s Inn’s 31 UK and Ireland hotels. It’s totally free, you just have to answer a little trivia question about Belfast. Find out more here.

Hats off to Heidi McAlpin and her team for consistently delivering a great product for visitors like us. And an even bigger thanks for making all that info FREE and available for us to read online or to download on our computer.

To join the celebration, we’re giving away a gorgeous Celtic tile from Earthen Craft Pottery.

To enter our giveaway, simply comment on our Facebook page or anywhere on the blog… maybe a nice comment below about Belfast In Your Pocket or about our Ireland by Rail plans. We’ll also count retweets on Twitter. Giveaway closes Monday, June 14, 2010.

Update June 15, 2010: Congratulations to Irish Mason on winning the Celtic Tile!

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  1. Never heard of Belfast in Your Pocket. Just downloaded the PDF and it’s a wonderful guide. So nice that it’s free!

  2. Thanks for the link to the guide….and I LOVE that tile!!

  3. I can’t believe they let you download the whole magazine for free. That’s amazing. I just read about the Titanic – very cool. Thank you so much.

  4. Why didn’t I know about belfast in your pocket before? I guess that’s why I subscribe to your e-newsletter… always good info. You guys are awesome.

  5. Great Guide and resource!! To those in the US do NOT make the mistake of missing Belfast & area..take the Black Cab or ANY cabbie tours! Learn about Peace Players Intl and how basketball is making a difference. Enjoy the unique beauty and treasure a new spot if you haven’t been :) CHEERS FOR THE LINK!!!

  6. Your site are great. A pint to your health and success.

  7. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments about our Belfast In Your Pocket website and guide. It fair warms our hearts! We are proud to promote this oft overlooked part of the island and INSIST you join us in uncovering the city and Northern Ireland’s many gorgeous nooks and crannies. So easy to get to (and around) and so much to see (ask Corey and Liam!!). Incidentally, we also publish Dublin In Your Pocket (also free in the city and as pdf download):

    Heidi McAlpin, Managing Editor, Belfast and Dublin In Your Pocket.

  8. beautiful tile!

  9. Belfast is beautiful! Saw some great sights and met some fantastic folks visiting there. Thanks for sharing this link.

  10. I had never heard of it either, thanks for the link! We were in Ireland in March and loved Northern Ireland, it was absolutely beautiful!

  11. I picked up that guidebook when I was in Belfast and used it to find restaurants. I didn’t even think to look for them online. I love Belfast and hope to go back next summer.

  12. Belfast is beautiful! Saw some great sights and met some fantastic folks visiting there. Thanks for sharing this link.

  13. Just back from two weeks Belfast to Shannon! The craic was mighty

  14. Neat guide. And I look forward to reading about your journey by rail through Ireland.

  15. Love the article and guide! I just gave it to a friend who is leaving for Ireland in 10 days.
    Great Find!!

  16. I love the in your pocket guides, they are really nifty! But what I am really looking forward to is your Ireland by rail trip, when we go we will be doing part of the trip by train and I am really eager to hear what to expect there.

  17. I really want to win that tile. I really really do! I must have it! I must! ;) I wish I could say that I had heard of “Belfast in Your Pocket” but I hadn’t before you posted the info on the 5th anniversary. Thank you, Irish Fireside, for passing this on. I’m looking forward to reading it and since my grandfather was born in County Down, Northern Ireland, I’m sure I’ll find interesting reading in it about my family’s home turf. Happy 5th Anniversary to “Belfast in Your Pocket”! :)

  18. It was very helpful in 2007 and 2008 when I went both Dublin in your Pocket and Belfast in your pocket!

    Thanks and Happy anniversary!

  19. It looks like a great guide! Would love to get one!

  20. i totally love ur site n the fact that i get tweets cause i love the pics i so wish i could b in ireland ild live there if i knew i could get a job rt away i see pics all the time n i remember the stories my grandfather told me of his parents stories from there i so wish i was there but i have my pics

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