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Posted by on May 18, 2010 in Audio & Video, Headlines, Links, Podcast | 4 comments

#103 A Tour of – VIDEO

This is the first in a series of Irish Travel website overviews we’ll be posting. Hopefully, you’ll find some useful tidbits that will aid in planning your travels.

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  1. Corey, EXCELLENT! What a great overview of the website. Are you sure Irish Fireside isn’t a tourist trap? We can’t seem to leave it. It has us trapped with good stuff.


  2. Your volume is awfully low.

  3. Audio quality is weak on this one… I’ll keep working on it.

    Did you make sure the YouTube volume bar along the bottom was all the way up? That might help a wee bit.

  4. I thought it was my computer, but Jenn’s right – volume is quite low. Both volume bars on mine were maxed at 100%. Thanks, Jim

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