Poll: What is the best mode of transportation for touring Ireland?


What is the best mode of transportation for touring Ireland?

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Author: Corey

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  1. I have to say, the term ‘touring’ Ireland is a bit ambiguous. For getting around the whole island itself I suggest self-driving for those who can, and an escorted tour for those who won’t, and more walking for everyone.

    I am not a fan of going over the whole island in one trip. I suggest more localized touring rather than big tours, but not everyone goes to Ireland as frequently as I do. (Don’t know why….)

    Walk, walk, walk. Stay somewhere where there are places to walk. Get out and moving in towns or in the countryside. I like the Burren National Park, Glenveagh, Glendalough, Glen Columbkille to name a few walks. And I haven’t found a town yet where walking is a burden. Hilly sometimes, but always interesting.

    Before you go to Ireland, research the areas around your hotels and/or B&B’s. Ask questions when you get there. Walk.

    Really, though. All of the options in the polls are awesome. I’ve tried them all, except the motorcoach. It does depend on your circumstances and how mobile you are. I don’t drive in Ireland, myself, but I travel with people who do, and I have utilized public transportation frequently. I’m even looking for a bus tour in 2011 for my mom and I to take, so neither of us has to drive.

    I just prefer the walks.


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  2. I voted for Self Drive but then that is just the best for me. Some day I will probably be too old and/or feeble to Drive my Self and then who knows? But I intend to keep coming back as often as possible.

    Everyone is different, and require different levels of comfort, physical and mental as well as emotional. If I were panicked at the idea of driving in Ireland I would have voted accordingly.

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  3. voted fro public trans, but really that will most likely require some walking as well, and walking is my favorite way to get around any part of Ireland.

    even if you want to hit a few high spots in a short amount of time, public trans can still be a great way to go. shout outs to Bus Eireann, Ulster Bus, and Lough Swilly Bus especailly, but there are others as well. particularly in the northwest.

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  4. With the exception of one terrifying ride across the Inishowen Peninsula, a bus tour has always been my way to go. I does limit travel to roads wide enough to accomodate the vehicle, though.

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  5. Car! We were able to see whatever we wanted and could be on our own time schedule. Although, it was super spendy for the gas and insurance. Insurance was really worth it though – someone hit us while we were parked and dented in the entire driver’s side door!

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  6. Car. However, if you haven’t driven a manual transmission in years spend the extra money and go with an automatic. I’ve done both and the automatic reduced my stress level tremendously. No worries about stopping/starting and maneuvering around tight spaces.

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