A Look at Irish Travelers

NPR ran a story about Irish Travelers this morning, and after its 7 and half minute run, I was left wanting more. Here are two links that help take you inside the community.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – The Irish Traveler weddings would definitely be considered over-the-top to most US visitors. This Irish television documentary takes a closer look. Note – the video programs are not available in the US, so this link takes you directly to an article by Jenny McArdle… be sure to click the PICTURES link at the top of the page (Thanks to Lorraine Grainger for directing us to this article via our Facebook Page).

The Donovans – Photographer Gina Brocker brings her documentary style photography to a traveler family.

Eileen leans on her cousin’s shoulders days before she takes her own life Long Pavement, Limerick, Ireland.
Originally uploaded by Gina Marie Brocker.

Author: Corey

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  1. I grew up with near the Travelers in S.Carolina and recently wrote a paper about them and about their ancesters in the UK and Ireland. I live in Ca. now and no one knows what or hwo I am talking about. Am interesred in seeing pictures since it has been a couple of decades since I have had any real interaction with them. I am more fascinated with them now that I do not live near them.

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  2. I am currently working on a documentary about the Irish Travellers and their traiditions lifestyles in the US vs. the UK.
    Feel free to email me for updates or if you would like to be a part of this film!


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  3. There is a large very large community of Irish Travelers that live in my town. I have watched your documentary and the group that lives in my town seems to not share similar cultural customs other than they are very clanish and do not send their children to school. I am thinking about writing my thesis on them if I can get more information. I like your documentary!

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  4. My big fat gypsy wedding is shown in the US. I believe. Its on A&E.

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  5. i am an irish traveller the b f g wedding documentary was exposed as a fraud took to court and found to be racist , its trash tv manipulating uneducated people it does not represent anything of my culture or traditions ,which were not shown, traveller is an english word we call our selves pavee i could go on for a month ,sick of everything negative that is puked up about my people constantly ,we are not some long lost tribe suddenly been found ,the old irish called us luicht shule which means the walking people in the 5th century the pavee used to extract copper from the mines in munster and make weapons the most essential thing any man could have in those days irish people were busy slaughtering each other at that time over land constant war between themselves and the only people to travel were the pavee when the different clans knew they were coming they would make raths for them for over 1500 years we were responsible for bringing the most essential things to the irish .ie. weapons ,news , songs, music, and dont forget the oral traditions passed from generation to generation most traditional songs and music was brought around ireland by pavee people including distant relatives of my own d n a tests prove we come from the oldest families in ireland we are a nomadic people and dont forget all people were nomadic one time i would glady answer anyone with the facts

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    • Thomas,

      Are there any resources you’d recommend for someone interested in getting a more accurate image of your community?

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