#102 When Volcanos Interfere with Your Trip to Ireland & Michele vs the Volcano – AUDIO

Episode Guide – Podcast #102 When Volcanos Interfere with Your Trip to Ireland

We hear from Bernard McMullen about the affects the volcano in Iceland has had on Irish travel and we have a guest who had to change her plans for Ireland because of the volcanic ash.

Our apologies in advance, we didn’t have access to our usual recording equipment, so this episode sounds a bit different than others.

Note: These interviews were conducted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Since then Irish airspace has opened and airlines are working their way back to normal service.

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Show Notes

Intro: The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid

Bernard McMullen from www.discoverireland.com

Michele Erdvig from www.irelandyes.com talks about how the volcano has affected her travel plans and tells us what steps she took in changing her trip.

Discounts for travelers stranded in Ireland www.discoverireland.ie/features/stranded-in-Ireland.aspx as posted on Michele’s travel forum.

Closing Song – Jigs: McGuire’s/The Coming Of Spring by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid

Volcano photo credit Plasmastik — Michele Erdvig photo courtesy of www.Irelandyes.com

Author: Corey

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  1. I had to cancel a trip to Ireland at the very last minute earlier this year because of an emergency, and found the people quite understanding. mostly was dealing with folk I knew from earlier visits, but still they were very kind. also, I know this is *Irish* Fireside, but also saying the folk in Scotland are stepping up to help travelers as well, as they did me on an earlier trip. Visit Scotland website has more information.

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