Irish Air Traffic in Limbo for at Least Another Week

Unless you’ve been living under a rock… or a pile of ash, you probably heard about the giant cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland that has grounded planes across Europe (we’ve been highlighting it in our Twitter/Headlines feed since Thursday).

Flights to and from Ireland remain grounded at the moment, and weather patterns suggest it could be a couple more days before air travel resumes. If you plan to travel to Ireland any time this month, it is imperative that you contact your airline to make sure you have a plan of action… there will be a lot of people vying for airplane seats when the skies reopen.

So far, there have been many stories of canceled holidays due to this act of God, and many stranded travelers are running out of money in foreign lands. Even Whitney Houston had to change her plans and take the ferry from the UK to Ireland to make her Dublin concert.

Good luck to everyone.

Here’s one of the more recent stories:

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  1. Dang! Why can’t I ever get stranded in Ireland? Forced to spend extra days on the Emerald Isle? I can think of worse scenarios!

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