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Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Headlines | 27 comments

Irish Government Acquires Irish Fireside Podcast and Blog

THE NEW FACES OF THE IRISH FIRESIDE – Niamh Quirke and Ryan Andrews stars of RTE’s popular soap opera “Fair City” are in line to take over as hosts of  the popular Irish travel and culture podcast.

DUBLIN, Ireland – (April 1, 2010) – Ireland’s new Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism Mary Hanafin, TD, announced today that the Irish government has purchased the Irish Fireside, the Internet’s most popular Irish travel and culture blog and podcast.

“With the growing popularity of blogs, podcasts, social media and the launch of Apple’s new iPad, we see the Irish Fireside as a key to Ireland’s tourism recovery,’ said Hanafin. “2009 was a very difficult for us, and the Irish Fireside Holiday Giveaway was one bright spot in a year of dismal news. I love the Cliffs of Moher bookmark I won.”

The €1.2 million acquisition takes place today, but fans won’t notice changes right away. The Irish Fireside’s Liam Hughes and Corey Taratuta will remain on the blog’s editorial team, but they will likely be replaced on the podcast by Niamh Quirke and Ryan Andrews, up-and-coming stars of the popular Irish television drama “Fair City.”

“We felt it was important to have real Irish voices on the show that would resonate with the Internet’s youthful audience” said Hanafin. “Especially after it was revealed that one of the hosts wasn’t even Irish. We can’t have that.”

The news has already drawn criticism from local tourism offices. Orla O’Connor, a tourism officer from Kilcommon, County Tipperary said, “Tourism officials told me they couldn’t afford to send me more hotel brochures, but they can spend a million euro on some Internet fad. It’s an outrage. Do you realize how many fliers I could get for that?”

When asked what he intends to do with money from the sale, Liam Hughes said, “I think I’ll stay at one of those fancy Irish castle hotels. I can finally afford to stay in one, and they’re offering a book two nights get one free.” Taratuta reportedly was on his way to Idaho to begin talks with the producers of the Engaging Ireland Podcast.

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  1. Cute. Very cute.

  2. Hahaha, Love the part about the kids being the host…for a minute you had me! lol APRIL FOOLS!

  3. Yes, for a moment you had me too! I was really worried!! Don’t do that!!! :)

  4. Big news!

  5. That would happen and the next Title would be….Arizona Ass-kicking commenses… Pips ya are, the both of yas.



  7. I was actually feeling bad for corey because like the vikings and normans, he has become more irish than the irish. Now I support Bit’s suggestion. You guys are in for an “Arizona Ass-kickin” the next time we see youse. “Why,I Oughta…..!”

  8. I fell too! Sigh….

  9. Hook… line… and sinker. I can’t believe I fell for it!

  10. OMG! i was so excited for you guys!! esp the two for one hotel deal. what a HOOT!!

  11. A wee bit o’ blarney going on here, me thinks.

  12. I was absolutely gob-smacked! Happy April Fool’s Day to you, too, now that I’m breathing again!

    …….and smiling broadly.

  13. Here I am, home alone, and I got April Fooled!! I really believed it and was thinking – “How busy those guys will be now!”

  14. You dorks. I started worrying that now the Irish Fireside was going to be all commercial.

  15. Well done, you. You actually had me going there for a minute… You might want to wait a few days before you head out here to Idaho to visit us, though. It’s snowing here today!

    But if you ever need a new gig, you’re very welcome to join us at Engaging Ireland. ;-)

  16. You had me hook, line, and sinker! Patrick called his mom to talk to her about it. “It’s April Fool’s today” she calmly replies. LOL!

  17. Michele did not fall for it. However…. I did! So I called up Irish Government and offered to them for a dollar three eighty. They said there was a recession going on and they could not afford it right now. They offered me two sheep, one goat and a few chickens. I said keep the goat and chickens. Such a deal!

  18. That’s funny. Nicely done.

  19. Well, well, aren’t ye hysterical!! Very Good! I was so very happy for you! What a hoot! Great job! You must have really been giggling getting this posted!! Nice and yes I bought it too! I did think the bookmark comment was a bit odd.

  20. Well nice try, but I actually bought Ireland yesterday and will be requiring everyone else to move out by the end of the month. I will be using it for my private residence.

  21. P.S. The first red flag for me was your mention of “Orla, the tourism officer” from Kilcommon which isn’t even a bump in the back road off a back road. You better pray to the two healing priests buried there in Kilcommon that no ill fortune befalls you for your vile deception.

  22. Niced try guys. First mistake is to post it on April 1st. Second the purchase price was too much.
    And third, you didn’t mention in later podcasts you were thinking about selling it.

  23. DUPED!

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