Zombie Hotels Taking Over the Emerald Isle — Can They Be Good for Visitors?

Zombie front, originally uploaded by chaosfish1.

The glut of hotels built as the Celtic Tiger roared, has created a dangerous combination for Ireland’s tourism secter — too many hotels… many of which would have closed but were bailed out by the Irish banking system. The result… the Zombie Hotel – a hotel equivalent of the living dead… and they are being labeled the cannibals of an already hurting industry.

As the economists duke out their theories on how to handle the situation and while they try to convince the powers that be, tourists are finding some of the lowest accommodation prices in years.

If you’re planning a trip this year, you really must read Michele Erdvig’s blog post about the zombies and the deals that are out there right now! If you want to read more about the Zombie Hotel phenomenon visit the Irish Times article and for more about the economic changes in Ireland this piece by The Guardian.

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Author: Corey

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