#99 Irish Travel Chat with Michele Erdvig – AUDIO

Episode Guide – Podcast #99 A Chat About Irish Travel with Michele Erdvig

In this audio podcast episode, we talk with author, blogger and travel forum moderator, Michele Erdvig to discuss Irish Travel, accommodations and plans for the Fireside.

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Show Notes

Intro: The Devil’s Bit by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid

Michele Erdvig – read her posts on the Irish Fireside – visit her website at www.IrelandYes.com

We are accepting entries for the Irish Fireside Cookbook – email corey@irishfireside.com

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Be a part of our 100th episode by calling 414-292-9269 and leaving us a message, travel tip, memory from Ireland or information about your connection to the Emerald Isle.

Interview – Winter Storms in Ireland… and the rest of the world

What do you look for in a good B&B? B&Bs then and now.

What do you miss from the “old days” of B&Bs?

Where can we find places that still have the old “flavour” of B&Bs?

Any advice for those debating between hotels and B&Bs?

What are your favorite B&B stories?

The one travel item that Michele doesn’t travel without.

Tell us about self-catering accommodations.

Rural vs. urban accommodations.

How do research B&Bs?

How do B&Bs get in your book?

Do B&Bs prefer cash or credit cards?

What’s the future for B&Bs?

B&B guests from hell.

Differences North American guests will find in Ireland.

Any special spots you’d like to share with us?

When is the best time to book a trip? When will airfare go down? Shannon Airport vs Dublin Airport.

Bunratty is becoming a ghost town 🙁

What are the things to look for on a B&B website?

The history of Michele’s book.

Michele’s Blog

Recipe & the Irish Fireside Cookbook – coming soon

The Banoffee Pie Story

Ashokan Farewell by Theresa Larkin & Noel McQuaid

Author: Corey

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  1. Corey & Liam,

    It was a pleasure chatting with you on the podcast. Let’s do it again some time. Now get busy on your new Irish Fireside Cookbook. No excuses!


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  2. Nice podcast!! Michelle sounds like Andie McDowell. Would love to submit a recipe for your cookbook ♥♥♥.

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  3. Hey, I resemble those remarks about my Banoffee Pie fiasco! LOL!
    Don’t forget: adding the cherries gave me TWO servings of fruit in one pie, making up for the decadence of the toffee, whipped cream, and chocolate! 😉 Do you like the way I think?

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  4. Very fun and enjoy listening…totally agree that one must spend some time in the country…the dairy farm B & B’s a great….
    We usually do genealogy and find out families out of the city ,Thank Heavens~~!!
    Keep up the good work…and where do we sent our recipe for your book? Later Lads

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  5. wooohooo! another podcast!

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  6. I love your “Ireland Dream Trip” book, I have told so many people about it and it’s been such a great resource for us!

    OHHH, I’m so excited about our trip next month!!!!

    Post a Reply
  7. Thomas, We had just too much fun with your banoffee pie. I remember when I got your email about solving the problem I almost fell off my chair laughing. 😉 You did get your two servings of fruit in. I won’t even ask about the calorie count!!

    Missy, Thanks very much for your comments about my book. Hope it makes for a memorable trip to Ireland next month. When you get back please come over to my forum and let us know how it went. We would love to know.


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  8. Thank you for this. I loved the conversation!
    I am new to International travel, and Ireland was my first choice back in 2006. In 2008, I was planning a trip to Italy, but kept remembering Ireland and returned there in 2009. I am now in the process of thinking about Italy again, and now this! What to do, what to do???
    Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Michele.

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  9. Good interview–great stories! Loved the one about the “heater”! I think everyone who has traveled to Ireland has a like story to tell 🙂

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  10. Too funny, Michele, I thought you sounded just like Andie McDowell too!!! Incidently, I will have to soon order your new book edition, as I lent my 2006 copy to my cousin, never to be seen again! Very wonderful job you three on the podcast, very, very interesting! If it wasn’t for Michele, I wouldn’t have had such a great first trip there, if it wasn’t for Irishfireside for keeping my dreams alive, I may not be planning a second trip to my favourite country!!!! Thank you all so much for sharing this very special podcast!!! God bless!!!

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  11. Hey guys!

    First off, any chance of an Irish Fireside Android app in the future? I have an Android-based phone and I’d love this app…

    Secondly, great site and podcast! My family (wife, son – 9 months old at the time!) visited Ireland for the first time almost 2 years ago and were immediately smitten with the country. We are hoping to go back again and see more of the places we missed first time around. Our trip was only for 1 week and we stuck primarily to the south and south-west.
    We self-drove and got lost plenty of times, but boy am I glad we did! The places one can stumble upon in Ireland are truly amazing. From the most breathtaking scenery to charming little villages… it’s all there.
    We have about 1000 pictures up in our Picasa gallery, here. Feel free to browse them if you’d like.

    Many people ask us how it was traveling in Ireland with a young child, and I have to say that it was great. The people there were very hospitable and accommodating. We stayed at 4 B&B’s and never had an issue. In fact, most of the owners were quite friendly with our son and quick to strike up a “conversation” with him.
    Renting a car was a bit different since we needed the add in the cost of the child seat, but that was as easy as asking for one at the rental desk. The car was a bit bigger since we needed room for baby supplies and our luggage. Although, “bigger” is relative. We rented a Toyota Avensis, which is probably the size of a Camry here in the States. That might not seem big to an American, but it can feel a bit unwieldy while navigating narrow, winding country roads of Ireland! Despite the size, we never had a real problem while driving around.
    The only downside to traveling with a small child in Ireland is the fact that, unless you have someone around to watch your child, you will probably miss out on a lot of the pub culture. We weren’t able to bring our son into any pubs after about 8pm in most towns. We could go into restaurants without any hassle, it was the places that were more strictly pubs that were more off limits. This is understandable, but be sure to plan accordingly if traveling with a young one.

    Overall, it was an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back. We’re even dreaming of retiring there if at all possible. But until then, we’ll keep listening to your podcast and reading the great posts on your blog to sustain our appetites for Ireland.

    Thanks again!
    – Ernie Huntley

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    • thanks for the kind words about my wife…. i just wanted you to know that we love your photos… hope you don’t mind if i use one for my mac desktop photo. thanks again barry

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  12. What a wonderful podcast/interview with Michele Erdvig.

    We enjoyed listening to your interview. Michele is an expert and she also told of some fun experiences with her husband Barry. We will definitely go to her website (Irelandyes.com) and look forward to your cookbook.

    Post a Reply
    • it’s been 40 years and 55 trips over to the old-sod. i am now 66 so i can only stand one trip over annually… if any one feels like they can chauffeur the Ïrish Bug around let me know. She can be buggy…that’s why we nicknamed her THE BUG in 1966. The last two trips i fell off buses…one near belfast and the other was a sightseeing bus in dublin. I have two large bumps on my forehead to prove it. Michele writes a great book, but gets lost very easily. Please let me know with an email to barry@irelandyes.com. i guarantee you will have a great free tour guide . probably the best!

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