Revisiting The Quiet Man

Good news for lovers of the film The Quiet Man (the film directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara). A new film, Connemara Days, is in the works based around the filming of 1952 classic). Film crews will revisit Cong on the Mayo-Galway border to tell the fictional tale of a girl who falls in love with one of Ford’s assistants.

They’ve already got some big names lined up… including Stacy Keach, Sir Roger Moore, Aidan Quinn and Geraldine Chaplin. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a Maureen O’Hara cameo!

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Author: Corey

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  1. I was so excited when I read this post! The Quite Man was an amzing movie and I can’t wait to see this new one! Thanks for the info!

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  2. Oh, I so hope they don’t totally screw it up.
    Of course, any movie with Aidan Quinn, set in Ireland, can’t be all bad. A wee cameo from Ms. O’Hara would be wonderful.

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  3. I’ve never seen a remake of a great film equal or surpass the quality of the original. They’re always a disappointment. I say, why mess with greatness? Besides, truth be told, the original was really quite sexist. How do you update the film without tampering with the dated storyline? And is there anyone to equal John Wayne in masculinity and sensitivity; Maureen O’Hara’s exquisite Irish beauty and feistiness; or the charm and wit of a Barry Fitzgerald? They are unmatched by today’s actors, and uniquely one of a kind.

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  4. Can’t wait to see Maureen O’Hara return to acting for the first time in 11 years, I hoping for she will get a oscar finally we waited for years I want to see her playing a character that she will get a oscar for been the greatest actress ever in Hollywood, I don’t today’s actress don’t have the same soul as her, Let’s hope she will say yes and this is not a rumour, because we waiting to have it happen, and it’s nice to see my favourite James Bond himself Roger Moore executive producing on the project which will be cast by the Hubbard Casting Agency as well as starring as Joe Yates at Present, this is for you Quiet Man fans, get set and ready this is going to be a good time to relive the memories of a 1952 John Ford classic just in time for its 50th Anniversary.

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  5. The best movie ever made is the quite man,no matter how many times it on I have to see it I also visited cong in county mayo were part of it was made it’s lovely I’d move there in the morning,heart warming people and a lovely town and also Ashford castle all I can say is wow

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